Dispersion Characteristics of One-dimensional Photonic Band Gap Structures Composed of Metallic Inclusions

Title: Dispersion Characteristics of One-dimensional Photonic Band Gap Structures Composed of Metallic Inclusions
Authors: Khodami, Maryam
Date: 2012
Abstract: An innovative approach for characterization of one dimensional Photonic Band Gap structures comprised of metallic inclusions (i.e. subwavelength dipole elements or resonant ring elements) is presented. Through an efficient S- to T-parameters conversion technique, a detailed analysis has been performed to investigate the variation of the dispersion characteristics of 1-D PBG structures as a function of the cell element configuration. Also, for the first time, the angular sensitivity of the structure has been studied in order to obtain the projected band diagrams for both TE and TM polarizations. Polarization sensitivity of the subwavelength cell element is exploited to propose a novel combination of elements which allows achieving PBGs with simultaneous frequency and polarization selectivity. The proposed approach demonstrates that the dispersion characteristic of each orthogonal polarization can be independently adjusted with dipole elements parallel to that same polarization. Generally, the structure has potential applications in orthomode transducer, and generally whenever the polarization of the incoming signal is to be used as a means of separating it from another signal in the same frequency band that is of orthogonal polarization. The current distribution and the resonance behavior of the ring element is studied and the effect of resonance on dispersion characteristics of 1-D PBGs composed of rings is investigated for the first time, for both individual and coupled rings. Interestingly, it is observed that 1-D PBG composed of resonant elements consistently has a bandgap around the resonant frequency of the single layer structure.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/23179
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