Improved Usage Model for Web Application Reliability Testing

Title: Improved Usage Model for Web Application Reliability Testing
Authors: Wan, Bo
Date: 2012
Abstract: Testing the reliability of an application usually requires a good usage model that accurately captures the likely sequences of inputs that the application will receive from the environment. The models being used in the literature are mostly based on Markov chains. They are used to generate test cases that are statistically close to what the applica-tion is expected to receive when in production. In this thesis, we propose a model for reli-ability testing that is created directly from the log file of a web application. Our proposed model is also based on Markov chains and has two components: one component, based on a modified tree, captures the most frequent behaviors, while the other component is another Markov chain that captures infrequent behaviors. The result is a statistically cor-rect model that shows clearly what most users do on the site. The thesis also presents an evaluation method for estimating the accuracy of vari-ous reliability-testing usage models. The method is based on comparison between ob-served users’ traces and traces inferred from the usage model. Our method gauges the accuracy of the reliability-testing usage model by calculating the sum of goodness-of-fit values of each traces and scaling the result between 0 and 1. Finally, we present an experimental study on the log of a real web site and discuss the way to use proposed usage model to generate test sequences, as well as strength and weakness of the model for reliability testing.
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