The China Challenge: Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century

dc.contributor.editorCao, Huhua
dc.contributor.editorPoy, Vivienne
dc.description.abstractWith the exception of Canada’s relationship with the United States, Canada’s relationship with China will likely be its most significant foreign connection in the twenty-first century. As China’s role in world politics becomes more central, understanding China becomes essential for Canadian policymakers and policy analysts in a variety of areas. Responding to this need, The China Challenge brings together perspectives from both Chinese and Canadian experts on the evolving Sino-Canadian relationship. It traces the history and looks into the future of Canada-China bilateral relations. It also examines how China has affected a number of Canadian foreign and domestic policy issues, including education, economics, immigration, labour and language. Recently, Canada-China relations have suffered from inadequate policymaking and misunderstandings on the part of both governments. Establishing a good dialogue with China must be a Canadian priority in order to build and maintain mutually beneficial relations with this emerging power, which will last into the future.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction: Canada’s Response to China’s Increasing Role in the World (Huhua Cao) 2. Canada’s Staying Power: A Diplomat’s View (Fred Bild) 3. The Canadian Policy Context of Canada’s China Policy since 1970 (Charles Burton) 4. Canada and China: The China Strategy of 1987 (B. Michael Frolic) 5. The Politics of Soft Power in Sino-Canadian Relations: Stephen Harper’s Visit to China and the Neglected Hong Kong Factor (Sonny Shiu-Ling Lo) 6. Friends across the Pacific: Links between Canada and Hong Kong in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Ming K. Chan) 7. Canadian and Chinese Collaboration on Education: From Unilateral to Bilateral Exchanges (Qiang Zha) 8. Canada and China after the Global Financial Crisis (Yuen Pau Woo) 9. Post-Colonial Transformations in China’s Hong Kong and Macau: Implications for Cross-Taiwan-Strait and Canada–PRC Links (Vivienne Poy) 10. Hong Kong: Canada’s Partner in Prosperity (Perrin Beatty) 11. The Transformative Effects of the Global Economic Crisis: Implications for the World and Shanghai’s Aspirations (Thomas d’Aquino) 12. The Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Global Template for Minority Rights with Relevance to China? (Errol P. Mendes) 13. Chinese in Canada and Canadians in China: The Human Platform for Relationships between China and Canada (Kenny Zhang) 14. Transnational Intergenerational Support: Implications of Aging in Mainland China for the Chinese in Canada (Ghazy Mujahid, Ann H. Kim and Guida C. Man) 15. The Bridge Too Far?: Language Retention, Ethnic Persistence, and National Identification among the Chinese Diaspora in Canada (Jack Jedwab) 16. Changing Territorial Strategies: Chinese Immigrants in Canada (Huhua Cao and Olivier Dehoorne) 17. Causes and Consequences: Overeducated Chinese Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market (Tony Fang) 18. Conclusion: Reimagining Canada’s Present and Future in the Shadow of the Rise of China (Jeremy Paltiel)
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dc.titleThe China Challenge: Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century
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