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2011A Multilevel Analysis of Neighbourhood Built and Social Environments and Adult Self-Reported Physical Activity and Body Mass Index in Ottawa, CanadaPrince, Stephanie A.; Kristjansson, Elizabeth A.; Russell, Katherine; Billette, Jean-Michel; Sawada, Michael; Ali, Amira; Tremblay, Mark S.; Prud’homme, Denis
2016Associations Between Anticholinergic Burden and Adverse Health Outcomes in Parkinson Disease - DataCrispo, James A. G.; Willis, Allison W.; Thibault, Dylan P.; Fortin, Yannick; Hays, Harlen D.; McNair, Douglas S.; Bjerre, Lise M.; Kohen, Dafna E.; Perez-Lloret, Santiago; Mattison, Donald R.; Krewski, Daniel
30-Nov-2011Euthanasia: A Confounding and Intricate IssueMarcoux, Isabelle
24-Apr-2012Folic Acid Supplement Use is the Most Significant Predictor of Folate Concentrations in Canadian Women of Childbearing AgeColapinto, Cynthia K.; O'Connor, Deborah L.; Dubois, Lise; Tremblay, Mark S.
2010Framing health and foreign policy: lessons for global health diplomacyGagnon, Michelle L.; Labonté, Ronald
28-Oct-2011Framing International Trade and Chronic DiseaseLabonté, Ronald; Mohindra, Katia S.; Lencucha, Raphael
2011Globalization and Its Methodological Discontents: Contextualizing Globalization through the Study of HIV/AIDSLabonté, Ronald; Brown, Garrett W.
25-May-2011Household Food Insecurity and Childhood Overweight in Jamaica and Québec: A Gender-Based AnalysisDubois, Lise; Francis, Damion; Burnier, Daniel; Tatone-Tokuda, Fabiola; Girard, Manon; Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Fox, Kristin; Wilks, Rainford
2010Human Rights Consequences of Mandatory HIV Screening Policy of Newcomers to CanadaBisaillon, Laura
2012Local social environmental factors are associated with household food insecurity in a longitudinal study of childrenCarter, Megan Ann; Dubois, Lise; Tremblay, Mark S.; Taljaard, Monica
2009Neighburhoods and Child Adiposity: A Critical Appraisal of the LiteratureCarter, Megan Ann; Dubois, Lise
10-Mar-2011Reflections on the ethics of recruiting foreign-trained human resources for healthRunnels, Vivien; Labonté, Ronald; Packer, Corinne
2008Refugee + Support ProjectBisaillon, Laura
28-Jan-2012Relationships Between Neighborhoods, Physical Activity, and Obesity: A Multilevel Analysis of a Large Canadian CityKristjansson, Elizabeth A.; Russell, Katherine; Billette, Jean-Michel; Sawada, Michael C.; Ali, Amira; Tremblay, Mark S.; Prud'homme, Denis; Prince, Stephanie A.
2011Reporting Guidelines for Survey Research: An Analysis of Published Guidance and Reporting PracticesBennett, Carol; Khangura, Sara; Brehaut, Jamie C.; Graham, Ian D.; Moher, David; Potter, Beth K.; Grimshaw, Jeremy M.
2012Shared decision-making and health for First Nations, Métis and Inuit women: a study protocolJull, Janet; Stacey, Dawn; Giles, Audrey; Boyer, Yvonne; Minwaashin Lodge, the Aboriginal Women's Support Centre
2012Systematic reviews need to consider applicability to disadvantaged populations: inter-rater agreement for a health equity plausibility algorithmWelch, Vivian; Brand, Kevin; Kristjansson, Elizabeth; Smylie, Janet; Wells, George; Tugwell, Peter
2007The Global Ottawa AIDS Link Workshop ReportLiyanage, Sujatha; Bisaillon, Laura
2008The GOAL Project: University-Community Action on HIV/AIDSBisaillon, Laura
2012The Influence of Place on Weight Gain during Early Childhood: A Population-Based, Longitudinal StudyCarter, Megan A.; Dubois, Lise; Tremblay, Mark S.; Taljaard, Monica
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