Priorities for research on equity and health: towards an equity-focused health research agenda

Title: Priorities for research on equity and health: towards an equity-focused health research agenda
Authors: Östlin, Piroska
Schrecker, Ted
Sadana, Ritu
Bonnefoy, Josiane
Gilson, Lucy
Hertzman, Clyde
Kelly, Michael P.
Kjellstrom, Tord
Labonté, Ronald
Lundberg, Olle
Muntaner, Carles
Popay, Jennie
Sen, Gita
Vaghri, Ziba
Date: 2011
Abstract: Summary Points // Based on extensive review of global evidence, the recommendations of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health highlight the need for strengthening research on health equity with a focus on social determinants of health. // To do so requires a paradigm shift that explicitly addresses social, political, and economic processes that influence population health; this shift is under way and complements existing research in medicine, the life sciences, and public health. // Reflecting further synthesis and stakeholder consultations, an agenda for future research on health equity is outlined in four distinct yet interrelated areas: (1) global factors and processes that affect health equity; (2) structures and processes that differentially affect people's chances to be healthy within a given society; (3) health system factors that affect health equity; and (4) policies and interventions to reduce health inequity. // Influencing regional and national research priorities on equity and health and their implementation requires joint efforts towards creating a critical mass of researchers, expanding collaborations and networks, and refining norms and standards, with WHO having an important role given recent mandates.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1001115
CollectionEpidemiology and Public Health