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2023Interferometric imaging of amplitude and phase of spatial biphoton statesZia, Danillo; Dehghan, Nazanin; D'Errico, Alessio; Sciarrino, Fabio; Karimi, Ebrahim
2023A general illumination method to predict bifacial photovoltaic system performanceTonita, Erin M.; Valdivia, Christopher E.; Russell, Annie C. J.; Martinez-Szewczyk, Michael; Bertoni, Mariana I.; Hinzer, Karin
2023Experimental realisations of the fractional Schrödinger equation in the temporal domainLiu, Shilong; Zhang, Yingwen; Malomed, Boris A.; Karimi, Ebrahim
2023Spin–orbit coupling induced by ascorbic acid crystalsGrenapin, Florence; D'Errico, Alessio; Karimi, Ebrahim
2019Efficient Wave Optics Modeling of Nanowire Solar Cells Using Rigorous Coupled Wave AnalysisRobertson, Kyle W.; LaPierre, Ray R.; Krich, Jacob J.
2018Projecting onto any two-photon polarization state using linear opticsThekkadath, Guillaume S; Giner, Lambert; Ma, Xinyuan; Flórez, Jefferson; Lundeen, Jeff S
2015-05Integrating nanopore sensors within microfluidic networksTahvildari, Radin; Beamish, Eric; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent; Godin, Michel
2015-01-19Integrating nanopore sensors within microfluidic channel arrays using controlled breakdownTahvildari, Radin; Beamish, Eric; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent; Godin, Michel
2014-03-25Nanopore Fabrication by Controlled Dielectric BreakdownKwok, Harold; Briggs, Kyle; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent
2012Using the fringing electric field in microfluidic volume sensors to enhance sensitivity and accuracyRiordon, Jason; M.-Catafard, Nicolas; Godin, Michel
2013-12-05A microscale anisotropic biaxial cell stretching device for applications in mechanobiologyTremblay, Dominique; Chagnon-Lessard, Sophie; Mirzaei, Maryam; Pelling, Andrew E.; Godin, Michel
2012Precise control of the size and noise of solid-state nanopores using high electric fieldsBeamish, Eric; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent; Kwok, Harold; Godin, Michel
2013-12-05Fine-tuning the Size and Minimizing the Noise of Solid-state NanoporesBeamish, Eric; Godin, Michel; Tabard-Cossa, Vincent; Kwok, Harold
2012Polarization-dependent femtosecond laser ablation of poly-methyl methacrylateGuay, J-M; Villafranca, A; Baset, F; Popov, K; Ramunno, L; Bhardwaj, VR
2012Spontaneous Excitation Patterns Computed for Axons with Injury-like Impairments of Sodium Channels and Na/K PumpsYu, Na; Morris, Catherine E.; Joós, Béla; Longtin, André
2012The Physical Interaction of Myoblasts with the Microenvironment during Remodeling of the CytoarchitectureModulevsky, Daniel J.; Tremblay, Dominique; Gullekson, Corinne; Bukoresthliev, Nickolay V.; Pelling, Andrew E.
2012-04-25Left-Shifted Nav Channels in Injured Bilayer: Primary Targets for Neuroprotective Nav Antagonist?Morris, Catherine E.; Boucher, Pierre-Alexandre; Joos, Bela