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2017Sustainability Partnerships for NGOs in International Development: Towards an Adapatable Model of Social Franchising for Achieving and Sustaining a Wider Scale of ImpactBen Rejeb, Yassine
2017Conceptualizing Resilience in Refugee Host Communities (A Case Study of Jordan)Musa, Nicola
2017Inuit Health Frameworks and Maternal Care Understanding the complexities of removing and returning birth to Inuit communities in Northern CanadaPinchin, Gemma
2017The Chinese Hukou System & its Impacts on Healthcare for Rural-to-Urban Migrants A Case Study of Tuberculosis Treatment Access in Urban CentresSamuels, Samantha
2017Children’s Participation as a Feature of Educational Reform in Kenya: An Analysis of the Child Friendly School Framework and Children’s GovernmentLacrampe, Rachel
13-Dec-2016The Muskoka Initiative: Canada's commitments on maternal, newborn, and child health and sexual and reproductive healthBergeron, Alesssandra
11-Oct-2016Guiding Principles for a New Education Accord to Support Aboriginal StudentsDupont, Denise
11-Oct-2016Effectiveness of Free, Prior and Informed Consultation Processes in Latin American Extractive Industries: Implications for the Indigenous PopulationsStevens, Jodie
Mar-2016Analyse des impacts des politiques de la Banque mondiale dans la lutte contre la pauvreté au Burkina FasoOuédraogo, Rimguesyan Wilfried
Aug-2015An Analysis of the Achievement of the Water and Sanitation Target of the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan AfricaMonfils, Céline
Aug-2015Les perspectives africaines de la relation sino-africaine : le cas du Ghana et du NigériaFeatherstone, Ashley
Aug-2015Who Profits from Ecosystem Services? The Winners and Losers of Forestry PES Schemes in Costa Rica & BeyondGurts, Olga
Aug-2015An Analysis of the Efficacy of Sport-for-Development Programs in Developing CountriesJoshi, Shruti
Nov-2015Unpacking India’s Right to Education Act: The private school free seat provision — potential for increased access and inclusion?Persaud, Priya
Dec-2015More than Just Headlines: A Critical Examination of Media Response to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in CanadaSingh, Bhushna
Sep-2015The Marginalization of Canadian Civil Society Organizations and the Challenges of Promoting Gender Equality under the Harper Conservatives (2006-2015)Walde, Sara
Aug-2015Arab Spring and Social Media: the Social, Economic and Governance Issues Driving Revolutions: The Case of TunisiaOuedraogo, Adolphe
Aug-2015Défis d'intégration sociales post-conflit des enfants nés des viols en temps de guerre. Le cas de la Bosnie-Herzegovine (BiH)Nyirasafari, Ange
Aug-2015Du double usage du mécanisme REDD+ : Lutte contre le changement climatique et la pauvreté ruraleDikaya, Maurice
Apr-2015Understanding the Emergence of Private Security Companies & Variance in Security ContractingMorrison, Melissa