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2021Etre une femme africaine sur les parcours migratoires clandestins : Entre silence et invisibilitéLassegue, Ann-kathryne
2020Social enterprises and government relationships in the agricultural sector of Sub-Saharan AfricaCloutier, Vicky; Haslam, Paul
2020Femmes, leadership et développement au Cameroun: Images, perceptions et réalitésOloa Ndi, Caroline; Yaya, Sanni
2020Nepal: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Avenues and InsightsCopp, Bryn; Tiessen, Rebecca
2020Femmes, leadership et développement au Cameroun: Images, perceptions et réalitésOloa Ndi, Caroline; Yaya, Sanni
2020Narrative Policy Analysis in the Congo: Implications for Resource Extraction PolicyRichardson, Kayla
2020No “Light Footprint” in the American Drone Programme: Measuring the Gendered Impacts of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Surveillance on Local Populations in AfghanistanDubé, Gabrielle
2020A study of mobile technology’s impact on women entrepreneurs in Nairobi, KenyaKimana, Claire; Ramisch, Joshua
2020Accueillir des immigrant·e·s d’expression française dans les communautés de langue officielle en situation minoritaire (closm) hors québec : modalités et recommendationsDoiron, Mylène; Abu-Zahra, Nadia
2020The Cultural Adaptation of Health Promotion Projects in International DevelopmentAllard-Côté, Emilie-Jane; Ika, Lavagnon
2020Middle Powers and Multilateralism in an Unstable Region – Canada’s Role in a Post-Arab Spring Middle EastRenard, Nora; Jones, Peter
2020Mapping Informal Settlements in Kenya: Implications of new technological approachesGabrielle, Marseille; Christopher, Huggins
2020Towards a more effective regional integration in Africa: Improving the conditions for a successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) through infrastructure coordinationIngeri, Christophe; Nasser, Ary Tanimoune
2020‘Theirs seemed like a lot more fun’: Favela tourism, commoditization of poverty and stereotypes of the Self and of the OtherDuchesneau-Custeau, Alyssa; Florez-Malagon, Alberto
2020An alternative to economic efficiency: The case of water management in peri-urban EcuadorMcClatchie, Julie; Spronk, Susan
2020Les relations sino-africaines : Enjeux et défis à travers l’analyse du cas sénégalaisDe Chacus, Codja Laurindo; Yaya, Sanni
2020The Role of Education in Creating Peace, Unity, and a National Identity in South SudanSanatani, Emma; Munro, Lauchlan
2020The crisis of representation: A comparative discourse analysis of Somali and Western voices in Somali development researchAhmed, Najma Abdulahi; Rajiva, Mythili
2020The Reproduction of Apartheid in Water Service Delivery: An Examination of South Africa’s Free Basic Water PolicySimmons, Emily; Nakache, Delphine
2019Inégalités sociales entre les Autochtones et les non-Autochtones du Canada Une compréhension basée sur l’Indice de bien-être des collectivitésFrançois, Malitsa Bernard; Yaya, Hachimi Sanni