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2023-12-04Critical Thermal Maxima of Bombus impatiens: from Castes to ColoniesBretzlaff, Tiffany; Darveau, Charles-Antoine; Kerr, Jeremy Thomas
2021-05-05Formation for Transformation: Enhancing Ecumenical Reception Through Ecumenical Formation in the Anglican Church of CanadaMyers, Bruce Joseph Andrew; Clifford, Catherine E.
2019-03-11A Phenomenological Inquiry into the North American Shaman’s Experience of the Altered State of ConsciousnessAnderson, Robert; Malette, Judith
2017-06-19L'exercice de l'autorité et de l'obéissance volontaire dans les instituts religieux : implications pratiques pour la santé et la sécurité de la personnede La Taille, Alexandre; Kowal, Wojciech
2016-06-29Due Process to be Followed in the Administration of Discipline in Religious Institutes According to the Code of Canon LawRosinski, Michael Francis; Renken, John Anthony
2015A Theology of Social Engagement for Evangelicals: The Reign of God and Social TransformationEmanuel, Frank; Eaton, Heather
2015Veiled in an Earthly Medium: A Theology of Eucharistic Presence as an Eirenicon of Divergent Christian Positions in the Writings of Robert Isaac Wilberforce (1802-1857)Coates, Dianne M.; Clifford, Catherine
2014Palestinian Youth Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictAlsousi, Husam; Redekop, Vern
2013-07-29Identité, transformation et mise en récit : Une analyse narrative de l'histoire de Luc, Pierre, Corneille et compagnie (Actes 10,1–11,18)Acosta Valle, Martha Milagros; Spatafora, Andrea
2013-05-15Discerning a ‘Rhetorics of Catechesis’ in Origen of Alexandria’s Commentary on the Gospel of John: A Sociorhetorical Analysis of Book XIII:3-42 (John 4:13-15).Beyrouti, Francois Elias; Bloomquist, L. Gregory
2012-04-25The Proto-eucharistic Pericopes of the New Testament: A Canonical ApproachJohnson, Claire A.; Spatafora, Andrea