Firm Size and Technology Commercialization in Canada's Biotechnology and Manufacturing Sectors with a Focus on Medium-sized Firms

dc.contributor.authorEl-Haj-Hassan, Boushra
dc.description.abstractInnovation and commercialization are crucial for the competitiveness and economic well-being of countries. Despite the importance of innovation, recent studies have showed that Canada is lagging behind other countries in terms of its innovation and commercialization performance. The claim is often made that Canada performs well in generating the knowledge needed for innovation; however, the problem lies in transforming this knowledge into commercial success. Thus, a major preoccupation is how to turnaround this weak commercialization performance. Despite the wide range of programs, policies and regulations implemented by the Canadian Government along with its provincial counterparts to engender a turnaround, little has changed in Canada’s commercialization performance. Therefore, the search for solutions continues. Given that commercialization takes place at the firm-level, this study will explore the relationship between firm-size and commercialization. Several existing studies have examined the link between innovation and firm size, but few have examined the link between commercialization and firm size. Despite the arguments supporting medium-sized firms’ ability to commercialize innovations, there is a weak empirical base that explores the position of Canadian medium-sized firms and their innovation and commercialization capabilities. This study will contribute to the existing knowledge by covering the gap in the literature concerning the role of medium-sized firms in commercialization, compared to small and large firms. This study provides evidence suggesting that small and medium-sized firms should be considered differently.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectMedium-sized firms
dc.titleFirm Size and Technology Commercialization in Canada's Biotechnology and Manufacturing Sectors with a Focus on Medium-sized Firms
dc.faculty.departmentGestion / Management
dc.contributor.supervisorPersaud, Aditha Ajax
dc.embargo.termsimmediate / Management / Management
uottawa.departmentGestion / Management
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -

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