A methodology for modeling healthcare teams and an evaluation of Business Process Modeling Notation as a Modeling Language

dc.contributor.authorOjo, Tolulope A.
dc.description.abstractWhether it is offering services, delivering solutions or driving innovations, team work has been a hallmark of efficiency and effectiveness in various industries. The healthcare industry is not left out as its service delivery process involves numerous interfaces, information flows and patient hand-offs among professionals with different educational training, differing knowledge levels and possibly working from different locations as well. As healthcare delivery evolves to being more patient-centered, so does the team settings as well, becoming more collaborative. Such changes also translate into a need for support systems to evolve to be able to provide support for the extent of collaboration that would be needed. A framework is needed to guide in the development of such systems. However, due to the varying needs of patients, team types and make-up would generally differ, so we explored the different types of team settings studying what they entail based on their various degrees of collaboration. We therefore present in this thesis a model of team based concepts, an ontology formalizing the model, team based scenarios designed using the ontology and then application of the scenarios to test the ability of BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) to model healthcare teams.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectHealthcare teams
dc.subjectMind map for healthcare teams
dc.subjectOntology for healthcare teams
dc.subjectInterdisciplinary teams in healthcare
dc.subjectMultidisciplinary teams in healthcare
dc.subjectHealthcare team types
dc.subjectHealthcare team processes
dc.subjectReference model for healthcare teams
dc.subjectBusiness process modeling in Healthcare
dc.subjectBPMN and healthcare team types
dc.subjectIT for Healthcare
dc.subjectCollaboration in healthcare
dc.subjectTeam based care delivery
dc.subjectPatient-centred care
dc.subjectInformation Systems in Healthcare
dc.subjectBusiness analysis in healthcare
dc.subjectProcess analysis in healthcare
dc.subjectModel for healthcare teams
dc.subjectInformation needs in healthcare
dc.subjectTeamwork in complex sectors
dc.subjectImproving info. sys. in healthcare
dc.subjectMethodology for modeling teams
dc.subjectComposition of healthcare teams
dc.subjectIT and info. systems in healthcare
dc.subjectInfo. systems in healthcare
dc.subjectModeling in team based environments
dc.subjectTeam concepts in healthcare
dc.subjectFramework for modeling healthcare teams
dc.titleA methodology for modeling healthcare teams and an evaluation of Business Process Modeling Notation as a Modeling Language
dc.faculty.departmentTechnologie des affaires électroniques / E-Business Technologies
dc.contributor.supervisorKuziemsky, Craig E.
dc.degree.disciplineÉtudes supérieures / Graduate Studies
thesis.degree.disciplineÉtudes supérieures / Graduate Studies
uottawa.departmentTechnologie des affaires électroniques / E-Business Technologies
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