Blood Pressure Estimation Using Oscillometric Pulse Morphology

Title: Blood Pressure Estimation Using Oscillometric Pulse Morphology
Authors: Mafi, Majid
Date: 2012
Abstract: This thesis work presents the analysis of Oscillometric blood pressure pulse waveform under different pressure points (Systolic, Mean Arterial, and Diastolic Pressures). Pulse waveforms' characteristics were determined from the waveforms at three different pressures and are compared for subjects at three different age groups. Estimation of blood pressure using a morphology based approach was done by using the change of pulse waveform characteristics at different pressure points. Pulse waveforms' characteristics that were obtained from pulse waveforms are utilized to estimate SBP, MAP, and DBP. The estimates obtained with pulse morphology based technique are compared with a BP measurement device and Maximum Amplitude Algorithm. Maximum slope of the pulse was also used for blood pressure estimation. The effect of movement and breathing on proposed method and MAA were compared and it was observed that breathing artifacts affect less the proposed method.
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