Monocular Obstacle Detection for Moving Vehicles

Title: Monocular Obstacle Detection for Moving Vehicles
Authors: Lalonde, Jeffrey R.
Date: 2012
Abstract: This thesis presents a 3D reconstruction approach to the detection of static obstacles from a single rear view parking camera. Corner features are tracked to estimate the vehicle’s motion and to perform multiview triangulation in order to reconstruct the scene. We model the camera motion as planar motion and use the knowledge of the camera pose to efficiently solve motion parameters. Based on the observed motion, we selected snapshots from which the scene is reconstructed. These snapshots guarantee a sufficient baseline between the images and result in more robust scene modeling. Multiview triangulation of a feature is performed only if the feature obeys the epipolar constraint. Triangulated features are semantically labelled according to their 3D location. Obstacle features are spatially clustered to reduce false detections. Finally, the distance to the nearest obstacle cluster is reported to the driver.
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