Hiding Depth Map in JPEG Image and MPEG-2 Video

Title: Hiding Depth Map in JPEG Image and MPEG-2 Video
Authors: Wang, Wenyi
Date: 2011
Abstract: Digital watermarking of multimedia content has been proposed as a method for different applications such as copyright protection, content authentication, transaction tracking and data hiding. In this thesis, we propose a lossless watermarking approach based on Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) for a new application of watermarking. A depth map obtained from a stereoscopic image pair is embedded into one of the two images using a reversible watermarking algorithm. Different from existing approaches which hide depth map in spatial domain, the depth information is hidden in the quantized DCT domain of the stereo image in our method. This modification makes the watermarking algorithm compatible with JPEG and MPEG-2 compression. After the investigation of the quantized DCT coefficients distribution of the compressed image and video, The bit-shift operation is utilized to embed the depth map into its associated 2D image reversibly for the purpose of achieving high compression efficiency of the watermarked image and/or video and high visual quality of stereo image and/or video after the depth map is extracted. We implement the proposed method to analyze its performance. The experimental results show that a very high payload of watermark (e.g. depth map) can be embedded into the JPEG compressed image and MPEG-2 video. The compression efficiency is only slightly reduced after the watermark embedding and the quality of the original image or video can be restored completely at the decoder side.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/20360
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