Color Range Determination and Alpha Matting for Color Images

Title: Color Range Determination and Alpha Matting for Color Images
Authors: Luo, Zhenyi
Date: 2011
Abstract: This thesis proposes a new chroma keying method that can automatically detect background, foreground, and unknown regions. For background color detection, we use K-means clustering in color space to calculate the limited number of clusters of background colors. We use spatial information to clean the background regions and minimize the unknown regions. Our method only needs minimum inputs from user. For unknown regions, we implement the alpha matte based on Wang's robust matting algorithm, which is considered one of the best algorithms in the literature, if not the best. Wang's algorithm is based on modified random walk. We proposed a better color selection method, which improves matting results in the experiments. In the thesis, a detailed implementation of robust matting is provided. The experimental results demonstrate that our proposed method can handle images with one background color, images with gridded background, and images with difficult regions such as complex hair stripes and semi-transparent clothes.
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