The Implementation of Triple P – Positive Parenting Program: An Examination of Key Variables and Program Adherence

Titre: The Implementation of Triple P – Positive Parenting Program: An Examination of Key Variables and Program Adherence
Auteur(s): Asgary-Eden, Veronica
Date: 2011
Résumé: Adoption of evidence-based parenting programs by community agencies requires an understanding of the variables that affect their implementation. This study examined variables associated with the implementation of Triple P – Positive Parenting Program in Ontario. Surveys were completed on-line by 63 administrators, 54 supervisors, and 215 service providers from 69 different agencies. In a first article, I report on agencies’ pre-implementation openness, readiness, and resistance as well as on service providers’ self-reported use of and adherence to the program. Respondents from the vast majority of agencies reported openness to change prior to implementation but approximately half reported that they were not ready and experienced resistance. Although the majority of trained service providers used the program, a significant minority had not delivered it since training. The average adherence rate reported by service providers who used the program was 85.9%. In the second article, I report on the variables associated with implementation. The majority of respondents reported that they had adequate office resources to implement Triple P. Over half the managers (administrators and supervisors) and over two thirds of service providers reported that their agency had received adequate training. The most commonly identified barrier to implementation was agency characteristics which included organizational climate, service provider characteristics, and supervision. Adequate office resources and positive agency characteristics were associated with higher program usage by service providers. Service providers’ reports impacted their individual adherence rates whereas managers had broader perspectives of the quality of implementation in their organizations. Differences in reports between managers and service providers were not associated with usage or adherence.
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