Identification of KLF13 Interacting Partners in the Heart

Titre: Identification of KLF13 Interacting Partners in the Heart
Auteur(s): Darwich, Rami
Date: 2011
Résumé: Identifying the molecular and genetic pathways important for heart development and deciphering the causes of CHD are still a challenging puzzle. A newly identified piece of this puzzle is KLF13, a member of the Krüppel-like family of zinc-finger proteins, was found to be important for atrial septation and ventricular trabeculation of Xenopus embryos. The protein is expressed predominantly in the heart, binds evolutionarily-conserved regulatory elements on cardiac promoters, and activates cardiac transcription. In this study we examined KLF13 mechanism of action by investigating its transcriptional activity on the ANF promoter using a deletion/mutagenesis approach. We reported the identification of a new synergistic partnership between KLF13 and the individual cardiac transcription factors TBX5, NKX2.5, PEX1, and CATF1. Also, we localized KLF13’s transcriptional activation domain, the nuclear localization region/zinc-fingers, and the DNA binding zinc-fingers. This study will provide insight into the contribution of KLF13 to the development of CHDs.
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