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12-jui-2012A diagnostic labyrinth: a gastrointestinal pathophysiology learning moduleDobransky, Johanna
16-jui-2012A graphic history : The rise of the illustrated novel in Canadian literatureWilcock, Keeton
12-jui-2012A Guide to Writing R PackagesLeckett, Kyle
24-jui-2012A New Approach to the Study of Hindsight Bias in 3-Year-OldsCaza, Julian
2011Accuracy of 3D Rb-PET Normals Database for Detecting Coronary Artery DiseaseKaster, Tyler
12-jui-2012Acid-base educationGandhi, Aneri
2011Africa’s Resource Curse: Canadian Mining Companies and Private Security Actors, who is the Authority?Langille-Rowe, Sasha
12-jui-2012Age and gender effects on movement imagery in childrenYoxon, Emma
12-jui-2012Alberta’s Future Leaders: Understanding Aboriginal Development through Sport and the ArtsPhillipps, Erin
12-jui-2012An African Resource Curse? The World Bank and Resource ExtractionThibodeau, Stephane
2011An orthopedic night in emergency: Engaging student interest through applicationStokes, Yehudis
2011Analyse de la gestion des connaissances dans les événements sportifsGoulet, Gabriel
16-jui-2012Assessing the environmental impact of construction material using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)Zorn, Nicholas
2011Asymétrie des expressions faciales émotionnelles produites lors d'une tâche d'imagerie affectiveAsselin, David
12-jui-2012Bio-Mediated CaCO3 Production as a Method for Strength Improved SoilsWhitaker, Justin
2011Building Capacity for “Workforce Diversity” in Nursing PracticeLi, Ju
2011Canada wins over Russia in 1972 Summit Series: The series as portrayed in the mediaRadojewski, Christopher
23-aoû-2012Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) in Heart Failure Patients on Maximal and Sub-Maximal Doses of β-BlockersAbo-Shasha, Rami
2011Cdx 2 Homeodomain: A novel interaction with PP1 GammaMoore, Allyson
2011Characterize the roles of insulators in the regulation of genes in A.thalianaFan, Shirley
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