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9-avr-20141 concept, 2 pays, 3 systèmes juridiques différents! Les dommages-intérêts punitifs en responsabilité extracontractuelleDumais, Elisabeth
20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia
2-avr-2015A Categorical Approach to Superdifferential OperatorsPoon, Edward
15-avr-2014A comparison of referral patterns between nurse practitioners and family physicians: the case of e-ConsultMcKellips, Fanny
2-avr-2015A comprehensive review of appellate decisions relating to refugee claims based on sexual orientation and gender identityBondt, Derek
14-avr-2014A deformable microfluidic device to control the conformation of DNA molecules before nanopore translocationLe, Timothea
12-jui-2012A diagnostic labyrinth: a gastrointestinal pathophysiology learning moduleDobransky, Johanna
16-jui-2012A graphic history : The rise of the illustrated novel in Canadian literatureWilcock, Keeton
12-jui-2012A Guide to Writing R PackagesLeckett, Kyle
2-avr-2015A map towards success in ChemistryZidan, Montserrat
24-jui-2012A New Approach to the Study of Hindsight Bias in 3-Year-OldsCaza, Julian
9-avr-2014A novel method for measuring catecholamine secretion levels in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio)Hughes, Malcolm; Perry, Steve
14-avr-2014A probabilistic approach to detecting quantum entanglementMcDonald, Alexander
9-avr-2014A qualitative content analysis to identify barriers to improving neonatal pain management practices in OntarioDesrosiers, Ashley
2012A Spanglish RevolutionPisarek, Paulina
2-avr-2015A systematic review of physical activity trials in adolescent cancer patients and survivors: What we know and where we need to goJiang, Allan
3-jui-2016Academic achievement of children with ADHD and the effects of controlling vs. supportive parentingStorozuk, Andie
2-avr-2015Accent stigmatization among French L2 speakersStuhec-Leonard, Andrea
2011Accuracy of 3D Rb-PET Normals Database for Detecting Coronary Artery DiseaseKaster, Tyler
12-jui-2012Acid-base educationGandhi, Aneri
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