Tabular Representation of Schema Mappings: Semantics and Algorithms

Titre: Tabular Representation of Schema Mappings: Semantics and Algorithms
Auteur(s): Rahman, Md. Anisur
Date: 2011
Résumé: Our thesis investigates a mechanism for representing schema mapping by tabular forms and checking utility of the new representation. Schema mapping is a high-level specification that describes the relationship between two database schemas. Schema mappings constitute essential building blocks of data integration, data exchange and peer-to-peer data sharing systems. Global-and-local-as-view (GLAV) is one of the approaches for specifying the schema mappings. Tableaux are used for expressing queries and functional dependencies on a single database in a tabular form. In our thesis, we first introduce a tabular representation of GLAV mappings. We find that this tabular representation helps to solve many mapping-related algorithmic and semantic problems. For example, a well-known problem is to find the minimal instance of the target schema for a given instance of the source schema and a set of mappings between the source and the target schema. Second, we show that our proposed tabular mapping can be used as an operator on an instance of the source schema to produce an instance of the target schema which is `minimal' and `most general' in nature. There exists a tableaux-based mechanism for finding equivalence of two queries. Third, we extend that mechanism for deducing equivalence between two schema mappings using their corresponding tabular representations. Sometimes, there exist redundant conjuncts in a schema mapping which causes data exchange, data integration and data sharing operations more time consuming. Fourth, we present an algorithm that utilizes the tabular representations for reducing number of constraints in the schema mappings. At present, either schema-level mappings or data-level mappings are used for data sharing purposes. Fifth, we introduce and give the semantics of bi-level mapping that combines the schema-level and data-level mappings. We also show that bi-level mappings are more effective for data sharing systems. Finally, we implemented our algorithms and developed a software prototype to evaluate our proposed strategies.
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -
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