An Analysis of Infant Bouncing at Different Spring Frequencies

dc.contributor.authorHabib Perez, Olinda D
dc.description.abstractInfants explore environments through repetitive movements which are constrained or facilitated by the environmental context. The current studies analyzed how typically developing infants bounced in four environments that differed by system natural frequency. Four pre-walking infants (age 9.7 months ±1.8) were placed in four spring conditions with natural spring frequencies of 0.9, 1.15, 1.27 and 1.56 Hz. All infants bounced above the natural spring frequency in all conditions suggesting that they do not solely behave like a mass-spring system. Two patterns of bouncing adaptations were identified. Three infants regulated bounce frequency, while one infant regulated the percentage of time on the ground. When infants matched their bounce frequency to the natural frequency, trunk vertical displacement and joint ranges of motion decreased across conditions and demonstrated a shift from non-spring like to circular spring-like phase planes. Moderate to high correlations were found for inter- and intra-limb coordination. Conversely, when an infant regulated time on the ground, trunk vertical displacement and joint ranges of motion remained the same across conditions and inter- and intra-limb correlations were low to moderate. Phase planes remained circular spring-like for this infant. Asymmetrical loading patterns and decreasing vertical ground reaction forces were found in all infants suggesting that a timing component is always regulated. The difference in bouncing pattern may be indicative of different bouncing skill level.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectinfant bouncing
dc.subjectground reaction forces
dc.subjectskill adaptation
dc.subjectrange of motion
dc.subjectphase planes
dc.titleAn Analysis of Infant Bouncing at Different Spring Frequencies
dc.faculty.departmentSciences de l'activité physique / Human Kinetics
dc.contributor.supervisorSveistrup, Heidi
dc.contributor.supervisorRobertson, D. Gordon E.
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uottawa.departmentSciences de l'activité physique / Human Kinetics
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