Soft Co-Processor Based Hardware Acceleration for Image Blending

Title: Soft Co-Processor Based Hardware Acceleration for Image Blending
Authors: Shapiro, Daniel
Parri, Jonathan
Desmarais, John-Marc
Kouri, Abdullah
Bergeron, Jean-Philippe
Bolic, Miodrag
Date: 2011-03-14
Abstract: The speed of software algorithms can be greatly improved by using a co-processor to offload computations from the main processor. Multiple co-processors can further increase the speed of a given algorithm. Based on this idea, three versions of an alpha blending algorithm were implemented on a NIOS II/f. The first implementation was entirely software based. This software based solution was then used as a baseline against which to test a single co-processor hardware solution and a multiple co-processor hardware solution. We showed that a single co-processor implementation achieved a speedup of 13.2 times, whereas the 2 co-processor solution achieved a speedup of 14.5 times with respect to this baseline. As further co-processors were added, the system became memory-bound as the algorithmic bottleneck moved from processing power to memory throughput.
CollectionScience informatique et génie électrique - Publications // Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Publications
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