The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020

Title: The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020
Authors: Caro, Denis H. J.
Date: 2005
Abstract: Strategic partnerships between the health care and Information Communication Technology (ICT) sectors are the wave of the future, as e-health systems are implemented. Divergent perspectives between ICT and health care executives impose central challenges in forging productive strategic alliances. Bridging these perceptual differences requires strong leadership and vision, financial resources, and care provider support. Together these form the axis upon which tomorrow’s e-health alliances will rest. The growth of e-health systems is inexorable. The strength of governance leadership continues to influence its rate of growth and positive impact on health care systems. The extent to which strategic partnerships with the ICT sector will evolve into dynamic e-health alliances is directly related to the quality of national and regional governance leadership – the ultimate nexus of evolving e-health systems of 2020.
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