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2022-07-22A Systematic Analysis of Gene Expression of Human Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells Derived from Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients Identifies Potential Leukemogenic Targets Including CD248 and its Potential Role in MSC AdipogenesisAldreiwish, Allolo; Allan, David; Rosu-Myles, Michael
2022-07-20A Technique for Estimating the Resilient Modulus (MR) of Unsaturated Soils from Modified California Bearing Ratio (CBR) TestsOmenogor, Kenneth Onyekachi; Vanapalli, Sai
2022-07-18Bio and Transition Metal Catalysis with Directing Group-Enabled Green ChemistryNnamdi, Fred Uchenna; Organ, Michael
2022-07-15Managers and Technology Adoption in Long-Term Care Homes: An Exploratory Study of Key Factors Affecting Health Information Technology Decision-MakingCruise, Danielle Rachel; Jaana, Mirou
2022-07-14Modulating Lipid Flux Sensitizes Tumours in a Fatty Tumour Microenvironment to Oncolytic Virus TherapyAbera, Surendran; Ilkow, Carolina Solange; Bell, John
2022-07-13Elucidating the Role of FoxO3a Signaling in Rescuing Intestinal Inflammation in IL-10-Deficient Murine HostsHajjar, Stephanie; Sad, Subash
2022-06-29Understanding Tension and Conflict Management Through Theoretical TriangulationQiu, Hong; Freel, Mark; Chreim, Samia
2022-06-24"I've Already Lived Like There's a Pandemic" : A Grounded Theory Study on the Experiences of People with a Mobility DisabilityYang, Michelle; O'Sullivan, Tracey; Fraser, Sarah
2022-06-23Growth and Characterization of Diamonds for Use in High Pressure SensingHamel, Michael Tokiyoshi; Desgreniers, Serge
2022-06-22Characterization and Role of Secretoneurin in the Ovulatory Cycle of ZebrafishPeng, Di; Trudeau, Vance
2022-06-20Role of APOBEC2 in Rhabdomyosarcoma and its Involvement in the Pannexin-1 Mediated Inhibition of Malignant PropertiesWelten, Alexandra; Cowan, Kyle
2022-06-13The Cost of Quantizing: Exploring the Stakes and Scope of Quantum International RelationsMurphy, Michael P.A.; Salter, Mark
2022-06-13Translatio Studii et Imperii: The Transfer of Knowledge and Power in the Hundred Years WarWilson, Emma-Catherine; Taylor, Andrew
2022-06-02Breast Abnormality Diagnosis Using Transfer and Ensemble LearningAzour, Farnoosh; Boukerche, Azzedine
2022-05-31Societal Dimensions of Digital Transformation: Implications of Digital Technologies on Stakeholder Groups in the Context of EcosystemPourMehdi Ebrahimi, Hassan; Schillo, Sandra
2022-05-19Automated Detection of Maternal Vascular Malperfusion Lesions in Human Placentas Diagnosed with Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction Using Machine LearningPatnaik, Purvasha; Bainbridge-Whiteside, Shannon
2022-05-18Expanding the Organometallic Chemistry of 4d and 4f Arene Metal ComplexesBamforth, Christopher; Murugesu, Muralee
2022-05-18A Crystal Engineering Approach for the Design of High-Performing, Low Sensitivity, Nitrogen-Rich Energetic SaltsHerweyer, Darren; Murugesu, Muralee
2022-05-13Design and Bench Validation of a Mechanical Intravaginal Dynamometer MechanismBrennan, Ana Bryn; McLean, Linda; Lanteigne, Eric
2022-05-09Exploring the Relationship Between YouTube Content Creators' Microcelebrity Status and Mental HealthZeitoun, Lama Mohamad; Konkle, T. M. Anne