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2022-01-10A Principled Approach: The Mandatory Application of the Gladue Principles at Review Board HearingsO'Bonsawin, Michelle; Vieira Velloso, Joao Gustavo
2022-01-07Arming, Pseudotyping, and Enhancing the Efficacy of Oncolytic Measles Virus for a Better Cancer TherapeuticNeault, Serge; Diallo, Jean-Simon
2022-01-14Characterizing the Role of the Negative Elongation Factor Complex in Myogenic Cell State ChangesRobinson, Daniel Curtis Louis; Dilworth, Jeffrey
2022-01-19Towards Smart Trust Evaluation in VANETsAtwah, Rasha; Flocchini, Paola; Nayak, Amiya
2022-01-17Intestinally-Derived Preproglucagon Peptides Mediate Nutrient Absorption and Gut Adaptation with Exposure to ColdHanson, Antonio; Mulvihill, Erin
2022-01-12Investigation of the Effect of Maternal Weight on Pediatric Health Service UtilizationCurrie, Lisa; Gaudet, Laura Marie; Walker, Mark; Potter, Elizabeth
2022-01-19CD8+ T Cell Hyperfunction In Advanced Liver Fibrosis Murine Model and Its Association with Tumor GrowthMadani, Jood; Crawley, Angela; Ardolino, Michele
2022-01-17Improving Protein Identification In Mass Spectrometry Imaging Using Machine Learning and Spatial Spectral InformationShahryari Fard, Soroush; Lavallée-Adam, Mathieu; Perkins, Theodore
2022-01-12Translation Policy for Linguistic Minorities: a Reception Study Based on Provincial TV in IranJazini, Alireza; Von Flotow, Luise
2022-01-10A Machine Learning Approach to Decipher Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Plasma to Facilitate the Characterization of Metabolic PathwaysHashimoto-Roth, Emily; Lavallée-Adam, Mathieu; Bennett, Steffany A.L.