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2019-02-26Rejuvenation of Aged Heart Explant-Derived Cells for Repair of Ischemic CardiomyopathyRafatian, Ghazaleh; Davis, Darryl R; Suuronen, Erik Jukka
2019-02-25The Mechanism of Action of a New Class of Nucleoside Analogs Targeting Gastrointestinal TumoursCollins, Laura; Nemer, Mona
2019-02-20Identification of GATA4 Regulatory Mechanisms of Heart Development and DiseaseWhitcomb, Elizabeth Jamieson; Nemer, Mona
2019-02-05Gestational and Postnatal Exposure to a Contaminant Mixture: Effects on Estrogen Receptor Protein Expression In the Postpartum Maternal BrainKonji, Sandra; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2019-01-28AMPK Promotes Xenophagy Through ‘Priming’ of Autophagic Kinases upon Detection of Salmonella Outer Membrane VesiclesTo, Truc; Russell, Ryan Charles
2019-01-25A Low-Cost Custom Knee Brace Via Smartphone PhotogrammetryMiguel, Olivier; Benoit, Daniel
2019-01-23Physician-Perceived Challenges in End of Life CareStumpf, Carina; Yaya, Sanni; Marcoux, Isabelle
2019-01-18Elucidating the Proteomic Interactions of the Mixed Lineage Leukemia Mutant MLL-PTDKharas, Kaitlin; Brand, Marjorie
2019-01-16Epigenetic Regulation of Lipid Metabolism in Neural Stem Cell Fate DecisionSyal, Charvi; Wang, Jing
2019-01-15The Effects of AAV-Mediated XIAP Gene Therapy in a Mouse Model of GlaucomaVisuvanathan, Shagana; Tsilfidis, Catherine
2019-01-10Efficient New Routes to Leading Ruthenium Catalysts, and Studies of Bimolecular Loss of AlkylideneDay, Craig; Fogg, Deryn
2019-01-09Characterizing the Role of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 7 (PRMT7) in Breast CancerHaghandish, Nasim; Côté, Jocelyn
2019-01-07Association Between Prenatal Exposure to 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Vaccination and Infection During Pregnancy and Development of Immune-Related Child Health OutcomesWalsh, Laura; Fell, Deshayne; Hawken, Steven
2019-01-04From Gendered Violence to Political Event: Women's Activism in IranShojaei, Seyyedehsogand; Kurtovic, Larisa
2018-12-20Characterization and Role of Secretogranin-II/Secretoneurin in Zebrafish ReproductionMitchell, Kimberly; Trudeau, Vance
2018-12-19China and the Translation of the OtherTsai, Nancy Ja-Ying; Brisset, Annie; Laliberté, André
2018-12-04A Simplified Serotonin Neuron ModelHarkin, Emerson; Béïque, Jean-Claude; Naud, Richard
2018-11-30Labelling Approaches for Supplemented FoodsWahba, Rana; Rioux, France
2018-11-30Advancing Lipidomic Bioinformatic Technologies for the Study of Neurodegenerative DiseasesFiala, Julie; Bennett, Steffany A.L.; Perkins, Theodore
2018-11-30Algorithms for Next Generation Coherent Optical NetworksAbdo, Ahmad; D'Amours, Claude Denis