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2021-01-14Beyond Lipoxygenase: Studying the Initiation of Ferroptosis & On the Mechanism Behind α-Eleostearic Acid AutoxidationShort, Spencer; Pratt, Derek
2021-01-11Geochronology and Petrogenesis of Hadean to Paleoarchean Mafic and Felsic Crust from the Northeastern Superior Province, CanadaSole, Christian; O'Neil, Jonathan
2021-01-11Regulation of Glucose Metabolism Via the Intra-Islet DPP4/Incretin AxisFadzeyeva, Evgenia; Mulvihill, Erin
2021-01-04Women’s Knowledge of, Access to, and Experiences with Emergency Contraception in New BrunswickBorsella, Madison; Foster, Angel
2020-12-21The (In)Coherence of Canadian Education Policy Regimes with the United Nations' Refugee Education StrategySchutte, Valerie Rose; Milley, Peter
2020-12-11High-Throughput Screening of Kinase siRNAs and Small Molecule Compounds Identify Novel Candidates for the Development of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Therapies: A Step Towards Therapeutic Advancements in DM1Neault, Nafisa; MacKenzie, Alexander
2020-12-07Acoustic Beamformers and Their Applications in Hearing AidsAs'ad, Hala; Bouchard, Martin
2020-11-24Simulation of Progressive Shear Failure in Railway FoundationLi, Xu Dong; Vanapalli, Sai
2020-11-12Examination of Animal Gut Microbiota and Mercury Reveals the Importance of Diet in This RelationshipGuo, Galen; Chan, Laurie; Poulain, Alexandre
2020-11-10Regulation of Vascular Inflammation by Selectin Antagonists and Transcription Factor GATA5Joyal, Mathieu; Nemer, Mona
2020-11-09Cord Blood CD34+ Expansion Using Vitamin-C: An Epigenetic RegulatorAlmoflehi, Sakhar; Pineault, Nicolas
2020-11-05Magmatism and Related Au-Cu Mineralization in the Hualgayoc Mining District, Northern PeruViala, Martin; Hattori, Keiko
2020-10-16Communication Messaging During the Zika Outbreak in the Canadian MediaRuller, Sydney; O'sullivan, Tracey
2020-10-15Three-Dimensional Plant-Derived Biomaterials - Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Biophysical ManipulationHickey, Ryan Joseph; Pelling, Andrew
2020-10-15An Exploration of New Nursing Graduate and Experienced Nurse Mentorship Pairing Processes: A Multi-Method ApproachDevey, Robin; Stacey, C. Dawn; Lalonde, Michelle
2020-10-13Myeloid AMPK in Atherosclerosis: Therapeutic Potential and Associated MechanismsLeBlond, Nicholas; Fullerton, Morgan
2020-10-09Designing Molecular Materials Through Thiazyl-Based RadicalsYutronkie, Nathan; Brusso, Jaclyn
2020-10-06Effect of Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) on the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM): A Cohort Study in Rural ChinaYu, Cindy; Chen, Yue
2020-10-06Understanding Perceived Access Barriers to Contraception Through an African Feminist Lens: A Qualitative Study in Luweero, UgandaPotasse, Meghan; Yaya, Sanni
2020-10-06The Olo Perinatal Intervention: A Nutritional Evaluation of Vulnerable Pregnant WomenCharpentier, Noémie; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte; Dumas, Alexandre