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2021-06-16Characterization of a New Peptidomimetic Compound Modulating Sam68 Functions in Human Colon Cancer Stem CellsMasibag, Angelique Noelline; Benoit, Yannick; Stanford, William
2021-06-10Alkylidene Installation on Ruthenium: Towards Alternative Routes to Known Metathesis Catalysts and Access to Low-Valent Ruthenium AlkylidenesWhite, Andrew James; Fogg, Deryn
2021-06-08Characterization of Trafficking Factors Involved in Ebola Virus EntryQiu, Shirley; Côté, Marceline
2021-05-31Systemic Quinolones and Risk of Adverse Reactions: Integrating Evidence from Clinical and Epidemiological Evidence StreamsTaher, Mohamed Kadry; Krewski, Daniel Richard
2021-05-28Tumour-Suppressive Effects of Pannexin 1 and Its Mechanism of Action and Regulation in RhabdomyosarcomaXiang, Xiao; Cowan, Kyle
2021-05-14Education for Social Cohesion? A Gender Analysis of Citizenship Education in Post-War Sri LankaKovinthan, Thursica; Maclure, Richard
2021-05-13Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Treat Lung and Brain Injury in Neonatal Models of Chronic Lung DiseaseLithopoulos, Marissa Athena; Thébaud, Bernard
2021-05-12Toward a Better Understanding of the Thermal and Cardiovascular Strain Experienced by Older Adults During Extreme Heat EventsMeade, Robert; Kenny, Glen
2021-05-07Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Against Men in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Lifting the Veil of Secrecy Around a Controversial and Taboo Subject.Yagi, Ines; Malette, Judith
2021-05-06Dissecting the Epigenetic Signaling Underlying Early Myogenic DifferentiationKhilji, Saadia; Li, Qiao
2021-05-03Evaluating the Community-Based Distribution of Misoprostol for Early Abortion in PakistanMessier, Kassandre; Foster, Angel
2021-04-30Sorption-Based Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development and Effects of Operating ConditionsStrong, Curtis; Tezel, F. Handan
2021-04-30Reactive Blade Coating for Low-Cost Fabrication of Self-Assembled Metal Nanoparticles for Bio-Applications: Disinfecting SARS-CoV-2 to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 IllnessEbrahimzadeh Asl Tabrizi, Bita; Jabbour, Ghassan
2021-04-26Investigation of Halogen Bonding Interactions Through Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Quadrupole ResonanceMorin, Vincent; Bryce, David
2021-04-22Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Pile Foundation Behavior in Unsaturated Expansive SoilWu, Xingyi; Vanapalli, Sai
2021-04-21The Role of 5’ hox13 Genes in Danio rerio (Zebrafish) Caudal Fin Ray/Joint Development and RegenerationQuigley, Hailey; Akimenko, Marie-Andree
2021-04-12Violence Against Women In India: A Closer Look At the Social and Legal System Interactions, Problems, and SolutionsSaxena, Aditi; Phillips, Craig
2021-04-12Profiling the Effects of L9' Mutations on the Function of the Human Adult Muscle Nicotinic Acetylcholine ReceptorMonast, Jacob; Baenziger, John Edward
2021-04-12NMR Crystallographic Investigations of Group 14 σ-Hole Interactions: Tetrel BondsSouthern, Scott Alexander; Bryce, David
2021-04-06Barriers and Enablers to Nurses’ Sleep Promotion Practices in the Cardiac Post-Surgery Population: A Theoretical Domains Framework Based SurveyHummel, Amanda; Lewis, Krystina Brigitte; Squires, Janet Elaine