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2019-09-13Real-Time FNIRS Investigation of Discrete and Continuous Cognitive Demands During Dual-Task WalkingRahman, Tabassum Tahmina; Fraser, Sarah
2019-09-13Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Crustal Evolution of the Saglek-Hebron Complex (Northern Labrador): Over One Billion Years of Archean Geological HistoryWasilewski, Benjamin; O'Neil, Jonathan
2019-09-13Uncovering Pathways Regulating ILC Metastasis Through miRNA Expression Analysis and Generation of Novel Invasive ILC ModelsAllen, Victoria; Addison, Christina
2019-09-10The Role of Services for Homeless and Housed People with Mental Illness: The Relationship Between Service Use and Housing Stability, Recovery, and CapabilitiesKerman, Nicholas; Sylvestre, John Charles
2019-09-05Combined Short-lived (182W, 142Nd) and Long-lived (147Sm-143Nd) Isotope Study on Rocks from the Pulpwood-Playter Harbour Sequence (Wawa Subprovince): Constraints on the Mantle Source of Neoarchean FerropicritesLandon-Browne, Ayesha; O'Neil, Jonathan; Rizo, Hanika
2019-08-28Interpretation of the Frozen Soils Behavior Extending the Mechanics of Unsaturated SoilsRen, Junping; Vanapalli, Sai
2019-08-23Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis and Characterization of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Derived Extracellular VesiclesMunshi, Afnan M N Alam; Allan, David Scott; Rosu-Myles, Michael
2019-08-15The Work of Nurses in the Fever Unit at the Ontario Hospital Toronto: A Qualitative Descriptive Case StudyConnell, Mary; Vanderspank, Brandi Lynn
2019-08-12Towards Standardized Digital Twins for Health, Sport, and Well-beingLaamarti, Fedwa; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2019-07-23Synthesis and In Vitro Applications of Ice Recrystallization InhibitorsPoisson, Jessica; Ben, Robert
2019-07-18Diagnostic Test Accuracy Systematic Reviews: Evaluation of Completeness of Reporting and Elaboration on Optimal PracticesSalameh, Jean-Paul; Moher, David; McInnes, Matthew
2019-07-17Correctional Institutions as Obesogenic Environments: a Multi-level Exploration of Determinants that Influence Inmates’ Weight Outcomes During Incarceration in Canadian Federal PenitentiariesJohnson, Claire; Dubois, Lise; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2019-07-16Methodological Rigour in Preclinical Research: Implications for its Scientific Validity and Biomedical ProgressRamirez, Francisco Daniel; Wells, George
2019-07-16The Association of Homocysteine with Placenta-Mediated Pregnancy ComplicationsChaudhry, Shazia Hira; Wen, Shi; Taljaard, Monica
2019-07-10Delivery Systems to Enhance Neural Regeneration in the Central Nervous SystemStumpf da Silva, Taisa Regina; Cao, Xudong
2019-06-28Sensitivity and Specificity of the Uniform Field ERG in Glaucoma DetectionHermas, Asma; Coupland, Stuart; Tsilfidis, Cathy
2019-06-28Characterizing a Novel Viral Sensitizer BI-D1870Watson, Margaret; Alain, Tommy
2019-06-26Neuroprotective and Restorative Potential of Remote Ischemic Conditioning Following StrokeDykes, Angela; Corbett, Dale; Silasi, Greg
2019-06-20Development of Cascade Reactions and Strategies for Carbon Centred Nucleophilic Additions to Blocked IsocyanatesDerasp, Joshua; Beauchemin, André
2019-06-07Making Up and Caring for 'Autism's Child' in EthiopiaYilma, Lydia; Stalcup, Mary Margaret