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2018-09-13Exploring Dystrophin-Mediated Control of Neural Stem Cell Fate Associated with Intellectual Disability In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy PatientsThompson, Shannon; Bennett, Steffany A. L.
2018-09-12The Effect of an 8-Week Aerobic Exercise Program on the Diet and Eating Behaviours of Adolescents with a Normal Weight and Excess Body WeightPouliot, Catherine; Prud'homme, Denis; Giroux, Isabelle
2018-09-11Sensory Evaluation, Frequency of Food Consumption and Metabolic Responses to a Test Breakfast Meal in Middle-Aged AdultsBodnaruc, Alexandra; Prud'homme, Denis; Giroux, Isabelle
2018-09-10A Role for the Caenorhabditis Elegans Adenylate Gorming Domain Protein Disco-Interacting Protein 2 (DIP-2) in the Maintenance of Neuron MorphologyNoblett, Nathaniel; Colavita, Antonio
2018-08-29The Roles of Selectin Ligands and Innate Immune Responses in Modulating Resistance to Intracellular Bacterial Infections in Murine Hosts with Altered ImmunityAgbayani, Gerard Patrick; Krishnan, Lakshmi; Sad, Subash
2018-08-22Translation Homeostasis Contributes to SIFD Pathobiology in YeastKennedy, Erin; Rudner, Adam; Chakraborty, Pranesh
2018-08-20Passionate Philosophy: Amatory Fiction in the Eighteenth-Century Periodical, 1744-1762Pahl, Chance David; De Bruyn, Frans; Landreth, Sara
2018-08-14Investigating Lipidomic Determinants of Cognitive Impairment in Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s DiseaseGranger, Matthew; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2018-08-13Insights into the Role of Conformational Change, Membrane Interactions and ATP Hydrolysis in the Min Protein Regulators of Bacterial Cell DivisionAyed, Saud; Goto, Natalie
2018-08-10Generation and Characterization of Human Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Skeletal Muscle ProgenitorsShelton, Michael L.; Kates, Ilona Sylvia; Blais, Alexandre
2018-07-30An Interleukin-12-Expressing Oncolytic-Virus Infected Autologous Tumor Cell Vaccine Generates Potent Anti-Tumor Immune ResponsesKhan, Sarwat Tahsin; Auer, Rebecca
2018-07-26Assessment of an Evidence Practice Gap at the Population Level: Screening for Osteoporosis in OntarioHayawi, Lamia; Graham, Ian
2018-07-24Enhancing Oncolytic Virotherapy Using Functional Genomic ScreeningAllan, Kristina Jean; Stojdl, David
2018-07-18Carbon Dioxide Gas Separation from Syngas to Increase Conversion of Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction via Polymeric and Mixed Matrix MembranesRose, Lauren; Tezel, F. Handan
2018-07-17A Study of the Role of the Six Family of Transcription Factors in Adult Skeletal Muscle HomeostasisGirgis, John; Blais, Alexandre
2018-07-10Investigation of Enhancer-Blocking DNA Insulators in Arabidopsis thalianaTran, Anh; Johnson, Douglas
2018-07-06Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Decision Support for Patients to Accept or Decline Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Replacement at the Time of Battery DepletionLewis, Krystina B.; Stacey, C. Dawn
2018-07-03Eye Disease and Cognition: A Canadian Hospital-Based Cross-Sectional StudyVarin, Melanie; Freeman, Ellen
2018-06-29Visual Impairment and Eye Care Utilization: Baseline Data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on AgingAljied, Rumaisa; Freeman, Ellen
2018-06-14Imperial Subjugations: Colonialism and Race After MarxMandin, Gareth; Trevenen, Kathryn