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2020-09-15National Project, Regional Perspective: Newfoundland, Canada and Identities, 1949-1991Conway, Shannon; Gaffield, Chad
2020-09-14The Reliability of Local Sweat Rate Measured Via the Ventilated Capsule Technique: Effects of Measurement Region and Level of Heat StrainRutherford, Maura McLean; Kenny, Glen
2020-09-11Understanding the Neural Correlates of Increasing Cognitive Demand During Dual-Task Walking in Older AdultsSalzman, Talia; Fraser, Sarah
2020-09-04TGFβ Causes Postoperative Natural Killer Cell Paralysis Through mTOR InhibitionMarket, Marisa Rae; Auer, Rebecca
2020-09-02Contributions of Fli1a and Hox13 During Zebrafish Pectoral Fin Development and Implications for Ewing SarcomaHamid, Mustafa Issa; Akimenko, Marie-Andree
2020-08-21Optimizing Protein Characterization using Machine Learning-Guided Mass SpectrometryPelletier, Alexander; Lavallée-Adam, Mathieu
2020-08-19Exploring the Journey of Mifepristone in Canada and AustraliaLaRoche, Kathryn J.; Foster, Angel
2020-08-19Kinetic Investigation of Nitrone Cycloaddition Reactions for Bioorthogonal LabellingMargison, Kaitlyn Danielle; Pezacki, John
2020-08-18Assessing Motor Impairments in a Mouse Model of Perinatal Stroke Through Brain Mapping and BehaviourZhang, Sarah; Silasi, Greg; Corbett, Dale
2020-08-14Context-Awareness for Adversarial and Defensive Machine Learning Methods in CybersecurityQuintal, Kyle; Kantarci, Burak; Erol Kantarci, Melike
2020-08-12A Novel Multi-objective Risk-informed Rehabilitation Framework for Sewerage SystemsCai, Xiatong; Mohammadian, Abdolmajid; Shirkhani, Hamidreza
2020-08-11Bioenergetic Implications of the AMPKg3 R225W Mutation in Human MuscleHadzimustafic, Nina; Harper, Mary-Ellen
2020-08-11TBX5 Mechanism of Action in Skeletal Muscle Cell Proliferation and DifferentiationSheikh-Hassani, Massomeh; Nemer, Mona
2020-08-10Identification of an IcsB-like Acyltransferase FamilyBajunaid, Waad; Campbell-Valois, Francois-Xavier
2020-08-04Molecular Regulation of Satellite Cell FateFeige, Peter; Rudnicki, Michael A.
2020-07-31La renonciation aux droits et libertés constitutionnelsMillaire, Karine; des Rosiers, Nathalie
2020-07-17Structure-Function Relationship of the Sterol Transporter ABCG5/G8: Expression, Purification and Enzymatic Characterization of ABCG5/G8 Missense Loss of Function MutationsZein, Aiman; Lee, Jyh-Yeuan (Eric)
2020-07-16The Shape Synthesis of Transmitarray Antenna ElementsAljanah, Abdullah Saad A; McNamara, Derek Albert
2020-07-16Risk Factors, Mechanisms and Therapeuthic for Right Heart Failure Associated with Pulmonary HypertensionZelt, Jason; Mielniczuk, Lisa Marie; Beanlands, Rob
2020-07-13Oxidative Decomposition Pathways and Catalyst Protection Strategies in Olefin MetathesisTon, Stephanie Jean; Fogg, Deryn