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2020-01-20Les thèmes de prédilection du Front national dans la presse régionale : vers une meilleure compréhension du rôle des médias dans les succès électoraux des partis de la droite radicale populisteAmengay, Abdelkarim; Stockemer, Daniel
2020-01-17Association Between Maternal Pertussis Vaccination During Pregnancy and Early Childhood Health OutcomesLaverty, Meghan; Fell, Deshayne; Wilson, Kumanan
2020-01-15Considering Environmental Toxicants as Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression: A Systematic ReviewMitchell, Hailey; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2020-01-10Assessing Obstetrical and Perinatal Outcomes Associated with Maternal Tdap ImmunizationFakhraei, Romina; Fell, Deshayne; Gaudet, Laura Marie
2020-01-10Exploring the Effect of an eHealth Intervention on Women’s Physical Activity Behaviour: A Randomized TrialBlack, Melissa; Brunet, Jennifer
2020-01-09Catecholaminergic Axonal Remodeling in Motor Cortex of Mice Following StrokeSaid, Aida; Tiberi, Mario
2020-01-09Les traditions juridiques et la construction du droit dans les décisions judiciaires en matière de droits territoriaux des peuples autochtonesLemoyne, Maxime; Grammond, Sébastien
2020-01-09Roles for Nucleophiles and Hydrogen-Bonding Agents in the Decomposition of Phosphine-Free Ruthenium Metathesis CatalystsGoudreault, Alexandre; Fogg, Deryn
2020-01-06Developing an Oncolytic Prime-Boost Vaccine Targeting the Tumour Associated Antigen Mesothelin for the Treatment of Pancreatic CancerBaxter, Katherine Elizabeth; Auer, Rebecca; Bell, John
2020-01-03Characterizing the Role of α-Synuclein in Innate DefensesRousso, Christopher; Schlossmacher, Michael
2019-12-20The Effect of Simulations on the Development of Dietetic Students' Professional Competencies and the Associated Level of AnxietyRosa, Mylène; Giroux, Isabelle
2019-12-18Récits des élites touarègues au Mali et au Niger : questionner la « question touarègue »Bencherif, Adib; Jourde, Cédric
2019-12-03Energy-Efficient Bandwidth Allocation for Integrating Fog with Optical Access NetworksHelmy, Ahmed; Nayak, Amiya
2019-10-31Manipulation of Starch Digestibility in Particle FormDobson, Corrine; Bordenave, Nicolas
2019-10-30The Validity of Skin Conductance for Pain Assessment in Hospitalized InfantsHu, Jiale; Harrison, Denise
2019-10-28Understanding the Impact of Disability on Dietary Intake and Patterns in People with Multiple SclerosisVenasse, Myriam; Pilutti, Lara
2019-10-28Exploring Syrian Refugees' Access to Emergency Contraception in JordanEl-mowafi, Ieman Adel; Foster, Angel
2019-10-2520th Anniversary Update of the Ottawa Decision Support Framework: Evidence Syntheses of Needs Assessments and Trials of Patient Decision AidsHoefel, Lauren; Stacey, C. Dawn
2019-10-21La diversification alimentaire menée par l'enfant dans un contexte canadien ; un accent sur les comportements et l'acceptation alimentaireCampeau, Meghan; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte
2019-10-15Implementation of a Bioanalytical Metaproteomics Assay and Design of Bioinformatics Algorithms to Investigate Microbiome-Modulating Effects of Resistant StarchesRyan, James; Figeys, Daniel; Lavallée-Adam, Mathieu