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2021-04-12Violence Against Women In India: A Closer Look At the Social and Legal System Interactions, Problems, and SolutionsSaxena, Aditi; Phillips, Craig
2021-04-12Profiling the Effects of L9' Mutations on the Function of the Human Adult Muscle Nicotinic Acetylcholine ReceptorMonast, Jacob; Baenziger, John Edward
2021-04-12NMR Crystallographic Investigations of Group 14 σ-Hole Interactions: Tetrel BondsSouthern, Scott Alexander; Bryce, David
2021-04-06Barriers and Enablers to Nurses’ Sleep Promotion Practices in the Cardiac Post-Surgery Population: A Theoretical Domains Framework Based SurveyHummel, Amanda; Lewis, Krystina Brigitte; Squires, Janet Elaine
2021-04-01Modernism and the Event: Lawrence, Lewis, and the Agency of the "Evental Subject"Duerr, Stefanie Elizabeth; Rampton, David
2021-03-31Improving the Health Equity of Women Now and in the Post COVID-19 Era: Mobile Technology-Assisted Mental Health Interventions for Pregnant and Postpartum WomenSaad, Ammar; Pottie, Kevin C.
2021-03-31Inorganic Phase Characterization, Corrosion Modelling and Refractory Selection for Direct Contact Steam GenerationBond, Nicole; Macchi, Arturo
2021-03-30Development of Micro to Milli-Scale Multiphase Reactors with and Without Solids for Integration Into Mini-MonoplantsDoyle, Brendon; Macchi, Arturo; Roberge, Dominique
2021-03-30The Act of Reading as a Transformative Experience: Emotions and Reflective Moral Transformation in LiteratureBudanur, Ipek; Collobert, Catherine
2021-03-24Kinase Domain Receptor Is a Modulator of Satellite Stem Cell Asymmetric DivisionChen, William; Rudnicki, Michael A.
2021-03-15Barriers and Facilitators to Access Mental Health Services Among Refugee Women in High-Income Countries: A Systematic ReviewDeSa, Sarah C.; Yaya, Sanni
2021-03-10Does Traditional Knowledge Have Gender? Unmasking the Experience of Female Traditional Knowledge-Holders in the Production of Iranian Saffron and Handwoven CarpetsJerban, Ghazaleh; Judge, Elizabeth
2021-03-05Characterization of Textile Draping Behaviours for Composite Manufacturing ProcessesKanz, Philippe; Robitaille, François
2021-03-04Perceptions, préoccupations et pratiques alimentaires parentales de mères immigrantes noires de descendance africaine ou caribéenne résidant à Ottawa : déterminants et relation avec la qualité de la diète et le statut pondéral de leurs enfantsKengneson, Cris-Carelle; Giroux, Isabelle; Phillips, Karen Patricia
2021-03-01Restoring Postoperative Natural Killer Cell Function by Targeting the Immunosuppressive Machinery of Surgery-Induced Myeloid Derived Suppressor CellsAngka, Leonard; Auer, Rebecca
2021-03-01Mature EMR Use by Primary Care Physicians in Ontario: A Multi-Methods StudyRahal, Rana; Yaya, Sanni
2021-02-26Role of Protein Kinase R in the Immune Response to TuberculosisSmyth, Robin; Sun, Jim Jian
2021-02-25Tensile Strength of Unsaturated SoilsYin, Penghai; Vanapalli, Sai
2021-02-25Multi-Layer Web Services Discovery using Word Embedding and Clustering TechniquesObidallah, Waeal; Raahemi, Bijan
2021-02-25Assessing the Impact of International Travel Experiences on Sexual Health of Young Canadian AdultsGareau, Emmanuelle; Phillips, Karen Patricia