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2018Polycomb-like 2 (Mtf2/Pcl2) Mediated Epigenetic Regulation of Hematopoiesis and Refractory LeukemiaMaganti, Harinad
2018Design and Synthesis of a Series of Redox Active Tetrazine and Triazine Based Transition Metal ComplexesZhang, Yixin
2018The Effects of Protective Footwear on Spine Control and Lifting MechanicsMavor, Matthew
2018Structural and Functional Characterization of Campylobacter Jejuni Ferric Uptake Regulator (CjFur)Sarvan, Sabina
2018Enhancing the Performance of Si Photonics: Structure-Property Relations and Engineered Dispersion RelationsNikkhah, Hamdam
2018Small Molecule Potentiators of Oncolytic Virus Therapy Suppress the Innate Antiviral ResponseEl-Sayes, Nader
2018Epigenetic Regulation of Muscle Stem and Progenitor CellsAddicks, Gregory Charles
2018Preconditioning of Human Neural Stem Cells with Metformin to Promote Post-Stroke RecoveryOuld-Brahim, Fares
2018Active and Passive Mixing for Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Systems: A Performance Evaluation of Novel Micro-ReactorsMongeon, S├ębastien
2017Adaptive NK Cell Memory and Nucleosome Interference: Two Tales of the Ly49 Receptor FamilyWight, Andrew
20173D Hierarchically-Structured Twinned Alumina Nanosheets for Filtration and CatalysisRoebuck, Katrina
2017Gallows Erected in the Bedroom: A Critical Analysis of Violence in the Case of Capital PunishmentBiabanimilani, Omid
2017New Insights into Decomposition of Metathesis-Active MethylidenesRufh, Stephanie
2017Studies of Diboron Compounds Using Solid-State Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyWong, Ying-Tung Angel
2017Joint Formation in the Caudal Fin Rays of Danio rerio (Zebrafish) During Fin RegenerationSheppard, Derek
2017Histone H5: Bioinspiration for Novel Antimicrobial PeptidesJodoin, Joelle
2017New Insights into the Role of Membrane Interactions and Conformational Dynamics in Intramembrane Proteolysis by GlpG RhomboidFoo, Alexander
2017Glutaredoxin-2 Controls Mitochondrial Structure and Energetics in Skeletal MuscleLiaghati, Awa
2017The Role of Ubiquitin C-Terminal Hydrolase L1 in Renal Function and Glomerular DiseaseBoisvert, Naomi
2017Exploring Dietary Acculturation Among Recent European Immigrants in CanadaGuty, Johanna