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2018-05-18The Effect of Thermal Impact Factors on the Thermal Performance of Low-Slope Roofing AssembliesZinoviev, Michael; Martin-Perez, Beatriz
2018-05-18“Either You Are The Shark Or the Seal”: Understanding Violence Among Somali Canadian Male Youth – A Population Health PerspectiveMohamed, Hodan Shafici; Labonté, Ronald; Spitzer, Denise
2018-05-17Attitudes of Suicide Prevention Workers toward EuthanasiaKaur, Jaskiran; Marcoux, Isabelle
2018-05-16Effects of Naphthenic Acids and Acid Extractable Organic Mixtures on Development of The Frog Silurana (Xenopus) TropicalisGutierrez Villagomez, Juan Manuel; Trudeau, Vance
2018-05-11Selective Induction of Programmed-cell Death in HIV-infected MacrophagesCaballero, Ramon Edwin; Kumar, Ashok
2018-05-09The Efficacy of Specific Activation of D1-class Dopamine Receptors to Enhance Motor Recovery in Mice Following Cortical Photothrombotic StrokeGower, Annette; Tiberi, Mario
2018-05-09Disruption of Ras-Mapk Signalling in Human Neurocutaneous DisordersMcDonell, Laura Marie; Boycott, Kym Marie; Bulman, Dennis
2018-05-07Evolution and Classification of the Cariceae-Dulichieae-Scirpeae Clade (Cyperaceae)Léveillé-Bourret, Étienne; Starr, Julian
2018-05-03Gata6 Haploinsufficiency Leads to Aortic Valve, Conduction System and Limbs DefectsGharibeh, Lara; Nemer, Mona
2018-05-03Mitochondrial Dysfunction: From Mouse Myotubes to Human CardiomyocytesKanaan, Georges; Harper, Mary-Ellen
2018-05-01Impact of Environmental and Genetic Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Metabolism on Metabolic Response in Women with Overweight or Obesity: Molecular and Cellular Analyses and Genetic Association StudiesRajkumar, Abishankari; Tesson, Frédérique; Harper, Mary-Ellen
2018-04-25Characterization of Novel Small Molecule Potentiators of Oncolytic VirotherapyKrishnan, Ramya; Bell, John; Diallo, Jean-Simon
2018-04-25Investigating the Role of Sirtuin 1 in the Pulmonary Vascular Response to Chronic Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary HypertensionTaha, Mohamad; Stewart, Duncan John
2018-04-20Derivation and Characterization of Pax7 Positive Skeletal Muscle Precursor Cells from Control and HGPS-derived induced Pluripotent Stem CellsKocharyan, Avetik; Kates, Ilona Sylvia; Stanford, William
2018-04-19Inside the Cycle: Understanding and Overcoming Decomposition of Key Intermediates in Olefin MetathesisBailey, Gwendolyn Anne; Fogg, Deryn
2018-04-09Addressing the Data Location Assurance Problem of Cloud Storage EnvironmentsNoman, Ali; Adams, Carlisle
2018-04-04Experimental Evaluation and Characterization of a Mobility Assist Device Physical InterfaceLevesque, Laurent De B; Doumit, Marc
2018-03-28CD8+ T Cell Dysfunction in Chronic HCV Infection and its Association with Liver FibrosisDeonarine, Felicia; Angel, Jonathan
2018-03-28Exploring Gay Men’s Use of People-Nearby ApplicationsRowsell, Derek; Phillips, Craig
2018Non-Canonical Functions of SMAD2 and SMAD3 During Myogenic Differentiation and FusionLamarche, Emilie; Wiper, Nadine Louise