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2020-03-26India and Intellectual Disability: An Intersectional Comparison of Disability Rights Law and Real NeedsHamilton, Arthur; Mkandawire, Paul
2020-03-19The Effect of Gestational Immune Activation on Estrogen Receptor Alpha Levels in the Medial Preoptic Area and Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis of the Maternal Rat BrainLukasik, Matthew; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2020New Advances in Our Understanding of the Control and Functions of Brown Adipose Tissue ThermogenesisSebaa, Rajaa
2020-03-09Droit(s) à/et/de/dans la ville : situer, organiser et comprendre la rencontre entre municipalités et droits de la personneFrate, Benoît; Lamarche, Lucie
2020-02-27Neuronal and Electrophysiological Markers of GliomaGhinda, Cristina Diana; Northoff, Georg
2020-02-26Exposition à un mélange de contaminants durant la grossesse et la période post-partum : effets sur la grossesse et le nombre de cellules gliales cérébralesAntoun, Ramez Monsef Mourad; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2020-02-18(Re)Stor(y)ing “Canadian” Histories: Reproductive (In)Justice and Indigenous WomenCheechoo, Keri-Lynn; Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas
2020-02-14Characterizing PD-L1-Targeting Extracellular Vesicles Produced by Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus InfectionChen, Ashley; Bell, John
2020-02-10Dementia In the Population: Investigation Using Population-Level Administrative Health Data In Ontario, CanadaFisher, Stacey Lynn; Manuel, Douglas
2020-02-10Factors Influencing the Dietary Intake of Combat Rations by Soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces Working in the ArcticLavergne, Florence Vignola; Giroux, Isabelle; Prud'homme, Denis
2020-01-28Study of Ammonia Electro-oxidation on Pt-based Nano-catalysts Using Polarization Modulation IRRASAligholizadeh Kahriz, Niloofar; Baranova, Olena
2020-01-27Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physicians Regarding Periconceptional Folic AcidMida, Liana Arielle; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte
2020-01-20L’accommodement en milieu de travail québécois des personnes souffrant d’un problème de santé mentaleLanthier Riopel, Camille; Lippel, Katherine
2020-01-20Improving Immunotherapy Using Vanadium-Based CompoundsBergeron, Anabel; Diallo, Jean-Simon
2020-01-20Les thèmes de prédilection du Front national dans la presse régionale : vers une meilleure compréhension du rôle des médias dans les succès électoraux des partis de la droite radicale populisteAmengay, Abdelkarim; Stockemer, Daniel
2020-01-17Association Between Maternal Pertussis Vaccination During Pregnancy and Early Childhood Health OutcomesLaverty, Meghan; Fell, Deshayne; Wilson, Kumanan
2020-01-15Considering Environmental Toxicants as Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression: A Systematic ReviewMitchell, Hailey; Konkle, Teena Marion Anne
2020-01-10Assessing Obstetrical and Perinatal Outcomes Associated with Maternal Tdap ImmunizationFakhraei, Romina; Fell, Deshayne; Gaudet, Laura Marie
2020-01-10Exploring the Effect of an eHealth Intervention on Women’s Physical Activity Behaviour: A Randomized TrialBlack, Melissa; Brunet, Jennifer
2020-01-09Catecholaminergic Axonal Remodeling in Motor Cortex of Mice Following StrokeSaid, Aida; Tiberi, Mario