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2023-06-01L’enseignement de la compétence de communicateur des apprenants en médecine dans un contexte de formation sur les directives anticipées de fin de vie : une revue systématique de la littératureFotsing, Salomon; Dionne, Éric
2023-06-01Malicious & Cooperative Client Behavior Under Federated Learning with Score-Based Aggregation and Cluster EliminationOnsu, Murat Arda; Kantarci, Burak; Boukerche, Azzedine
2023-05-30Adenosine and Vascular HomeostasisSimard, Trevor; Hibbert, Benjamin
2023-05-29Cultural Competence in Health Care: Examining the Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Reducing Healthcare Disparities for Immigrant PatientsAlghazali, Idris; Ahmed, Rukhsana
2023-05-26Characterization of the SARS-CoV-2 Nsp13 HelicaseHum, Christine; Pezacki, John
2023-05-23Reproductive Justice and Indigenous Women: Tethering Physicians to the CharterLombard, Alisa; Gruben, Vanessa
2023-05-19Association Between Vitamin D Status and Health Deterioration Among First Generation ImmigrantsAbdelrazeq, Said Yousef; Wells, George; Manuel, Douglas
2023-05-17Cervical Spine Injuries in Older Adults After Low-Level FallsHarris McCallum, Jessica; Stiell, Ian; Eagles, Debra
2023-05-17Development and Implementation of Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors for the Preservation of Biological MaterialMangan, Sophia; Ben, Robert
2023-05-17Identification of Novel Protein Substrates and Chemical Inhibitors of the T3SA in ShigellaSilué, Navoun; Campbell-Valois, François-Xavier
2023-05-15Youth Perspectives on Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction: An Asset-Based ApproachPickering, Christina Julie; O'Sullivan, Tracey L.
2023-05-01UHPFRC Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members Subjected to Static and Blast LoadsLi, Chuanjing; Aoude, Hassan
2023-04-24Arsenic Biomonitoring in the Human Population of Yellowknife, Dettah and Ndilo, Northwest Territories: Application of Urine and Toenail Arsenic BiomarkersCheung, Janet; Chan, Laurie Hing Man
2023-04-20Bioengineered Wheat Arabinoxylan: Fostering Next-Generation Prebiotics Targeting Gut Microbiome and Depression Inversely-Linked MicrobesNjoku, Emmanuel Nnabuike; Hammami, Riadh
2023-04-19Synthesis and Evaluation of PET Radioligands for the Autonomic Nervous System and Vascular InflammationSayani, Uzair; Rotstein, Benjamin
2023-04-18Exploring the Impact of an Intergenerational Volunteer Program with People Living with Dementia on University StudentsAdams, Michaela; Garcia, Linda; Robitaille, Annie
2023-04-14Les Acyl-CoA synthétases longues chaînes 4 (ACSL4) : leur rôle dans la réponse du myoblaste squelettique au Mono-(2 Éthyl Hexyl) Phtalate (MEHP)Ligali Epse Cissé, Barrakatou; Tesson, Frédérique
2023-04-14Characterizing the Molecular Role of MTF2 in Refractory AML and HematopoiesisCaballero Gomez, Alejandro; Stanford, William; Ito, Caryn
2023-04-13Machine Learning-Enabled Security in Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical SystemsLiu, Jinxin; Kantarci, Burak
2023-04-12The Identification of New Bioactive Molecules Selectively Targeting the Human Cancer Stem Cell Epigenetic SignatureBergin, Christopher; Benoit, Yannick D.; Rudnicki, Michael A.