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2018-12-04A Simplified Serotonin Neuron ModelHarkin, Emerson; Béïque, Jean-Claude; Naud, Richard
2018-11-30Labelling Approaches for Supplemented FoodsWahba, Rana; Rioux, France
2018-11-30Advancing Lipidomic Bioinformatic Technologies for the Study of Neurodegenerative DiseasesFiala, Julie; Bennett, Steffany A.L.; Perkins, Theodore
2018-11-30Algorithms for Next Generation Coherent Optical NetworksAbdo, Ahmad; D'Amours, Claude Denis
2018-11-28Determination of Immunomodulatory Bioactivity Biomarkers and Mechanistic Insights in Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal CellsSiriwardena, Dylan; Stanford, William
2018-11-26Représentations des iniquités d’accès aux interventions d’autonomisation économique des femmes. Une étude de cas en milieu rural haïtienMaurice, Marie Merline; Yaya, Sanni
2018-11-15Characterization of Fibre Reinforcements for Non-structural Composite PartsBadripour, Yousef; Robitaille, François
2018-11-05Understanding the Reproductive Health Needs of Displaced Congolese Women in UgandaNara, Ruth; Foster, Angel
2018-11-02Single Molecule Magnet and Luminescence Properties of Lanthanide and Transition Metal Complexes Using Tetrazine and Naphthalimide Based LigandsJahandar Kojouri, Kimia; Richeson, Darrin
2018-11-01A Role for Wnt-β-Catenin Signaling in Positioning Motor Neurons Along the Ventral Nerve Cord in C. ElegansEvans, Justin; Colavita, Antonio
2018-10-26Identification of Human Proteins Interacting with the Protein IcsB of Shigella flexneriAlzahrani, Ashwag; Campbell-Valois, Francois-Xavier
2018-10-09Recreating Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex in Zebrafish with TransgenesisMacDonnell, Samuel; Akimenko, Marie-Andrée
2018-10-03Lives Punctuated by War: Civilian Volunteers and Identity Formation Amidst the Donbas War in UkraineStepaniuk, Nataliia; Arel, Dominique
2018-10-02Role of Macrophage Subsets in CD8+ T Cell Dysfunction in Chronic HCV InfectionAhmed, Faria; Kumar, Ashok
2018-10-01The Systematics and Evolution of Euphorbiaceae Tribe PlukenetieaeCardinal-McTeague, Warren Martin; Gillespie, Lynn
2018-09-28Investigation of a Trimeric Hemagglutinin Stem Domain from Influenza B for a Universal VaccineDuran, Amparo; Li, Sean; Wang, Lisheng
2018-09-24Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Pediatric Clinical PracticeBoland, Laura; Stacey, C. Dawn
2018-09-21A New Institutional Economic Analysis and Implications for Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia: The Framework and Effects of Contemporary International Law and Migrant WorkersAlarife, Majed; Mayeda, Graham
2018-09-20Effects of Expectations on Cognitive Enhancement Interventions in Young and Older AdultsRabipour, Sheida; Davidson, Patrick S. R.
2018-09-19The Ritual Inscription of a Martial Worldview - An Analysis of Liturgical, Developmental and Ecological Dynamics of AdaptationNurnberger, Robin; Reinhartz, Adele; Vallely, Anne