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2019Dataset for worldwide survey of cerebrospinal total protein upper reference valuesBourque, Pierre R.; Brooks, John; Warman-Chardon, Jodi; Hegen, Harald; Deisenhammer, Florian; McCudden, Chris R.; Breiner, Ari
2019Increasing Access to Medical Training With Three-Dimensional Printing: Creation of an Endotracheal Intubation ModelPark, Lily; Price-Williams, Steven; Jalali, Alireza; Pirzada, Kashif
2019Who tweets in academia? An overview of Twitter use in higher educationJeong, Dahn; Jalali, Alireza
2018Canadian federal penitentiaries as obesogenic environments: a retrospective cohort studyJohnson, Claire; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Diasparra, Maikol; Richard, Catherine; Dubois, Lise
2017Mass deworming to improve developmental health and wellbeing of children in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review and network meta-analysisWelch, Vivian A; Ghogomu, Elizabeth; Hossain, Alomgir; Awasthi, Shally; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A; Cumberbatch, Chisa; Fletcher, Robert; McGowan, Jessie; Krishnaratne, Shari; Kristjansson, Elizabeth; Sohani, Salim; Suresh, Shalini; Tugwell, Peter; White, Howard; Wells, George A
2016Comparison of geodetic and glaciological mass budgets for White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, CanadaTHOMSON, LAURA I.; ZEMP, MICHAEL; COPLAND, LUKE; COGLEY, J. GRAHAM; ECCLESTONE, MILES A.
2017Optimal look back period and summary method for Elixhauser comorbidity measures in a US population-based electronic health record databaseFortin, Yannick; Crispo, James A.G.; Cohen, Deborah; McNair, Douglas; Mattison, Donald R.; Krewski, Daniel
2016Location-Aware Authorization Scheme for Emergency ResponseGhafghazi, Hamidreza; Elmougy, Amr; Mouftah, Hussein T.; Adams, Carlisle
2016Trends in prostate biopsy in Ontario, 1992-2014: a cohort studyLavallee, Luke T.; Breau, Rodney H.; Fergusson, Dean; van Walraven, Carl
2018Passing the Test? From Immigrant to Citizen in a Multicultural CountryWinter, Elke
2018A Systematic Review of Interprofessional Collaboration for Obesity Management in Primary Care, A Focus on Dietetic ReferralsAboueid, Stephanie; Pouliot, Catherine; Bourgeault, Ivy; Giroux, Isabelle
2018Impact of group practices on patients, physicians and healthcare systems: protocol for a scoping reviewZwiep, Terry M; Greenberg, Joshua A; Balaa, Fady; McIsaac, Daniel I; Musselman, Reilly P; Raiche, Isabelle; Williams, Lara; Moloo, Husein
2017Hemolysis during and after 21 days of head-down-tilt bed restTrudel, Guy; Uhthoff, Hans K.; Laneuville, Odette
2018Correction: Oral anticoagulant re-initiation following intracerebral hemorrhage in non-valvular atrial fibrillation: Global survey of the practices of neurologists, neurosurgeons and thrombosis expertsXu, Yan; Shoamanesh, Ashkan; Schulman, Sam; Dowlatshahi, Dar; Al-Shahi Salman, Rustam; Moldovan, Ioana Doina; Wells, Philip Stephen; AlKherayf, Fahad
2018Patient understanding of discharge instructions in the emergency department: do different patients need different approaches?Sheikh, Hasan; Brezar, Aleksandar; Dzwonek, Agata; Yau, Lawrence; Calder, Lisa A.
2018Fluid pressure and shear zone development over the locked to slow slip region in CascadiaAudet, Pascal; Schaeffer, Andrew J
2018Design of a glutamine substrate tag enabling protein labelling mediated by Bacillus subtilis transglutaminaseOteng-Pabi, Samuel K.; Clouthier, Christopher M.; Keillor, Jeffrey W.
2018Organizational Health Literacy: Review of Theories, Frameworks, Guides, and Implementation IssuesFarmanova, Elina; Bonneville, Luc; Bouchard, Louise
2017Gain optimization, bleaching, and e-beam structuring of IR-140 doped PMMA and integration with plasmonic waveguidesAmyot-Bourgeois, Maude; Keshmarzi, Elham Karami; Hahn, Choloong; Tait, R. Niall; Berini, Pierre
2018Management and Point-of-Care for Tobacco Dependence (PROMPT): a feasibility mixed methods community-based participatory action research project in Ottawa, CanadaPakhale, Smita; Kaur, Tina; Charron, Catherine; Florence, Kelly; Rose, Tiffany; Jama, Sadia; Boyd, Robert; Haddad, Joanne; Alvarez, Gonzalo; Tyndall, Mark