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2017-05-22Barriers and facilitators to healthcare professional behaviour change in clinical trials using the Theoretical Domains Framework: a case study of a trial of individualized temperature-reduced haemodialysisPresseau, Justin; Mutsaers, Brittany; Al-Jaishi, Ahmed A; Squires, Janet; McIntyre, Christopher W; Garg, Amit X; Sood, Manish M; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2015-10-16Mail merge can be used to create personalized questionnaires in complex surveysTaljaard, Monica; Chaudhry, Shazia H; Brehaut, Jamie C; Weijer, Charles; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2015-10-28A real-world stepped wedge cluster randomized trial of practice facilitation to improve cardiovascular careLiddy, Clare; Hogg, William; Singh, Jatinderpreet; Taljaard, Monica; Russell, Grant; Deri Armstrong, Catherine; Akbari, Ayub; Dahrouge, Simone; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2014-06-23Impact of stated barriers on proposed warfarin prescription for atrial fibrillation: a survey of Canadian physiciansNicholls, Stuart G; Brehaut, Jamie C; Arim, Rubab G; Carroll, Kelly; Perez, Richard; Shojania, Kaveh G; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Poses, Roy M
2015-12-12A process evaluation accompanying an attempted randomized controlled trial of an evidence service for health system policymakersWilson, Michael G; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Haynes, R B; Hanna, Steven E; Raina, Parminder; Gruen, Russell; Ouimet, Mathieu; Lavis, John N
2014-08-12Seeing the forests and the trees—innovative approaches to exploring heterogeneity in systematic reviews of complex interventions to enhance health system decision-making: a protocolIvers, Noah; Tricco, Andrea C; Trikalinos, Thomas A; Dahabreh, Issa J; Danko, Kristin J; Moher, David; Straus, Sharon E; Lavis, John N; Yu, Catherine H; Shojania, Kaveh; Manns, Braden; Tonelli, Marcello; Ramsay, Timothy; Edwards, Alun; Sargious, Peter; Paprica, Alison; Hillmer, Michael; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2015-04-23Using a behaviour change techniques taxonomy to identify active ingredients within trials of implementation interventions for diabetes carePresseau, Justin; Ivers, Noah M; Newham, James J; Knittle, Keegan; Danko, Kristin J; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
2014-08-06Looking inside the black box: results of a theory-based process evaluation exploring the results of a randomized controlled trial of printed educational messages to increase primary care physicians’ diabetic retinopathy referrals [Trial registration number ISRCTN72772651]Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Presseau, Justin; Tetroe, Jacqueline; Eccles, Martin P; Francis, Jill J; Godin, Gaston; Graham, Ian D; Hux, Janet E; Johnston, Marie; Légaré, France; Lemyre, Louise; Robinson, Nicole; Zwarenstein, Merrick
2014-07-29Application of theory to enhance audit and feedback interventions to increase the uptake of evidence-based transfusion practice: an intervention development protocolGould, Natalie J; Lorencatto, Fabiana; Stanworth, Simon J; Michie, Susan; Prior, Maria E; Glidewell, Liz; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Francis, Jill J
2008-07-17Clinical evidence continuous medical education: a randomised educational trial of an open access e-learning program for transferring evidence-based information – ICEKUBE (Italian Clinical Evidence Knowledge Utilization Behaviour Evaluation) – study protocolMoja, Lorenzo; Moschetti, Ivan; Cinquini, Michela; Sala, Valeria; Compagnoni, Anna; Duca, Piergiorgio; Deligant, Christian; Manfrini, Roberto; Clivio, Luca; Satolli, Roberto; Addis, Antonio; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Dri, Pietro; Liberati, Alessandro