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2015-02-15Role of SLMAP genetic variants in susceptibility of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in Qatari populationUpadhyay, Rohit; Robay, Amal; Fakhro, Khalid; Abi Khadil, Charbel; Zirie, Mahmoud; Jayyousi, Amin; El-Shafei, Maha; Kiss, Szilard; D′Amico, Donald J; Salit, Jacqueline; Staudt, Michelle R; O′Beirne, Sarah L; Chen, Xiaoliang; Tuana, Balwant; Crystal, Ronald G; Ding, Hong
2015-06-27Impact of an interprofessional shared decision-making and goal-setting decision aid for patients with diabetes on decisional conflict – study protocol for a randomized controlled trialYu, Catherine H; Ivers, Noah M; Stacey, Dawn; Rezmovitz, Jeremy; Telner, Deanna; Thorpe, Kevin; Hall, Susan; Settino, Marc; Kaplan, David M; Coons, Michael; Sodhi, Sumeet; Sale, Joanna; Straus, Sharon E
2015-06-05Clinical effectiveness of an ultra-brief intervention for common mental health syndromes in primary care: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialCollings, Sunny; Mathieson, Fiona; Dowell, Anthony; Stanley, James; Hatcher, Simon; Goodyear-Smith, Felicity; Lane, Brigitte; Munsterman, Amy
2010The many faces of SMN: Deciphering the function critical to spinal muscular atrophy pathogenesisKothary, Rashmi; Bowerman‌, Mélissa; Boyer‌, Justin G.
2011A Multilevel Analysis of Neighbourhood Built and Social Environments and Adult Self-Reported Physical Activity and Body Mass Index in Ottawa, CanadaPrince, Stephanie A.; Kristjansson, Elizabeth A.; Russell, Katherine; Billette, Jean-Michel; Sawada, Michael; Ali, Amira; Tremblay, Mark S.; Prud’homme, Denis
2011Globalization and Its Methodological Discontents: Contextualizing Globalization through the Study of HIV/AIDSLabonté, Ronald; Brown, Garrett W.
2012-06-28Psychoanalysis and the brain – why did Freud abandon neuroscience?Northoff, Georg
2011-03-10Reflections on the ethics of recruiting foreign-trained human resources for healthRunnels, Vivien; Labonté, Ronald; Packer, Corinne
2011-05-25Household Food Insecurity and Childhood Overweight in Jamaica and Québec: A Gender-Based AnalysisDubois, Lise; Francis, Damion; Burnier, Daniel; Tatone-Tokuda, Fabiola; Girard, Manon; Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Fox, Kristin; Wilks, Rainford
2012-04-24Folic Acid Supplement Use is the Most Significant Predictor of Folate Concentrations in Canadian Women of Childbearing AgeColapinto, Cynthia K.; O'Connor, Deborah L.; Dubois, Lise; Tremblay, Mark S.