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2020Hip preservation surgery and the acetabular fossaSlullitel, Pablo A.; Coutu, Daniel; Buttaro, Martin A.; Beaule, Paul Edgar; Grammatopoulos, George
2020Randomized controlled trials assessing different dose regimens for anticoagulant thromboprophylaxis in patients with COVID-19: protocol for a scoping reviewTritschler, Tobias; Mathieu, Marie-Eve; Rodger, Marc; Le Gal, Grégoire
2020Protocol for a scoping review of outcomes in clinical studies of interventions for venous thromboembolism in adultsTritschler, Tobias; Langlois, Nicole; Hutton, Brian; Shea, Beverley J.; Shorr, Risa; Ng, Sara; Dubois, Suzanne; West, Carol; Iorio, Alfonso; Tugwell, Peter; Le Gal, Grégoire
2018Impact of group practices on patients, physicians and healthcare systems: protocol for a scoping reviewZwiep, Terry Murray; Greenberg, Joshua A; Balaa, Fady; McIsaac, Daniel I; Musselman, Reilly P; Raiche, Isabelle; Williams, Lara; Moloo, Husein
2018The Changing Landscape of Journalology in MedicineWilson, Mitch; Moher, David
2018Evaluating the Predictive Capabilities of Hematoma Expansion Scores in Patients with Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Protocol for a Scoping ReviewYogendrakumar, Vignan; Moores, Margaret; Sikora, Lindsey; Ramsay, Tim; Fergusson, Dean; Dowlatshahi, Dar
2018-02-06Impact of Unexpected Death in Simulation: Skill Retention, Stress and EmotionsBoet, Sylvain; Schebesta, Karl; Khanduja, Kristina; Andrews, Meghan; LeBlanc, Vicki; Bould, M. Dylan
2016-09-29Patient Activation Levels Among Patients Living with HIV Compared to Patients Living with Diabetes MellitusLevreault, Eleni; Kendall, Claire; Liddy, Clare
2017-10-06Symptom Prevalence in Patients with Advanced, Incurable Illness in BangladeshDoherty, Megan; Khan, Farzana; Biswas, Fazle Noor; Khanom, Marufa; Rahman, Rubayat; Tanvir, Mohammad Munirul Islam; Akter, Farhana; Sarker, Mridul; Ahmad, Nezamuddin
2017-02Chrysalis. A Collection of Art by University of Ottawa Medical StudentsAesculapian Society, Faculty of Medicine
2014-10-07The Use of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma Patients- a Retrospective ReviewYelle, Katie; Lampron, Jacinthe; Woo, Michael; Saidenberg, Elianna
2016Murmurs : the bilingual journal of art and healingOntario Medical Students Association; University of Ottawa. Faculty of Medicine
2016-02-10Discovery - Art Show BookletAesculapian Society, Faculty of Medicine
2014Psychosocial Constructs and Self-Reported Driving Restriction in the Candrive II Older Adult Baseline CohortJouk, Alexandra; Tuokko, Holly; Myers, Anita; Marshall, Shawn; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Porter, Michelle M.; Bédard, Michel; Gélinas, Isabelle; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Rapoport, Mark; Vrkljan, Brenda
2014A Re-examination of Driving-Related Attitudes and Readiness to Change Driving Behaviour in Older AdultsTuokko, Holly; Jouk, Alexandra; Myers, Anita; Marshall, Shawn; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Porter, Michelle M.; Bédard, Michel; Gélinas, Isabelle; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Rapoport, Mark; Vrkljan, Brenda
2013Protocol for Candrive II/Ozcandrive, a multicentre prospective older driver cohort studyMarshall, Shawn; Man-Son-Hing, Malcolm; Bedard, Michel; Charlton, Judith; Gagnon, Sylvain; Gelinas, Isabelle; Koppel, Sjaan; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Langford, Jim; Mazar, Barbara; Myers, Anita; Naglie, Gary; Polgar, Jan; Porter, Michelle; Rapoport, Mark; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda; Woolnough, Andrew
2013The Canadian Safe Driving Study – phase I pilot: Examining potential logistical barriers to the full cohort studyMarshall, Shawn; Wilson, Keith E.; Man-Song-Hing, Malcolm; Stiell, Ian; Smith, Andrew; Weegar, Kelly; Kadulina, Yara; Molnar, Frank
2013Determining the validity of the AMA guide: A retrospective analysis of the Assessment of Driving Related Skills and crash rate among older driversWoolnough, Andrew; Salim, Danish; Marshall, Shawn; Weegar, Kelly; Porter, Michelle; Rapoport, Mark; Man-Song-Hing, Malcolm; Bedard, Michel; Gelinas, Isabelle; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Mazer, Barbara; Naglie, Gary; Tuokko, Holly; Vrkljan, Brenda
2014-05Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network Report: A Systematic Review with Network Meta-Analyses and Economic Evaluation Comparing Therapies for Hypertension in Non-Diabetic PatientsHutton, Brian; Yazdi, Fatemeh; Hersi, Mona; Catalá-López, Ferrán; Tetzlaff, Jennifer; Kanji, Salmaan; Fergusson, Dean; Bjerre, Lise M.; Coyle, Doug; Coyle, Cathryn; Tricco, Andrea; Straus, Sharon; Moher, David; Leenen, Frans
2013Older drivers' opinions of criteria that inform cars they buy: A focus group studyZhan, J; Porter, Michelle M; Polgar, Jan; Vrkljan, Brenda