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2019-04-30Using Serial Trichotomization with Neuropsychological Measures to Inform Clinical Decisions on Fitness to Drive Among Older AdultsRanger, Valerie; Yamin, Stephanie
2019-04-26La Prospective en Études de Conflitsleclercq, dominique; Rioux, Jean-François
2019-04-10MASS PARRHESIA: Strengthening Democracy by Articulating the Public Will Quantitatively in a Non-Binding, Open ForumBruzzone, Nicolas; McLennan, Matthew
2019-03-29The Protective Effect of Religion/Spirituality on Mental Health and Mental Illness Across the Adult LifespanManoiu, Roxana; Stinchcombe, Arne
2019-03-14A God Who is Present: A Christological and Anthropological Study of the Presence of God in Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of NazarethFarah, Nassif; Hefty, Karl
2018-12-12Mental Health And Quality Of Life Of Graduate Level Therapy Students: A Look At The Role Of CopingWhitley, Michaela; Bilodeau, Cynthia
2018-11-28Transforming the Deep-rooted Conflicts Between Diaspora Sinhalese and Tamil Roman Catholics in Toronto: A Forgiveness Framework Based on the Theology of Miroslav VolfLena, Mangalam; Redekop N., Vern
2018-11-26Explicit and Implicit Rights Common to All the Faithful in The Code of Canon LawMaddineni , Sarath Chandra Sagar; Huels, John
2018-11-22The Role of Spirituality in the Lives of Women Coping with Early Motherhood and Postpartum DepressionMartins, Sandra; Gall, Terry Lynn
2018-11-22They Hold Our Doctrine: Women in Cultic Leadership from the time of Christ to the First Council of NicaeaSuddard, Deborah; Roll, Susan
2018-11-13La contribution de l’imaginaire et des traits Asperger à la résilience familiale: Une recherche systémique utilisant l’AT.9 dans un contexte de neurodiversitéCarignan, Laure-Marie; Bellehumeur, Christian
2018-11-01Toward a Theology of Lay Ecclesial Ministry: The Contribution of Edward HahnenbergCool, Julie; Clifford, Catherine
2018-10-30Women, Identity Development and Spirituality within the Anglican Church of Canada: A Phenomenological StudyRichey, Meghan; Bilodeau, Cynthia; Martin, Miriam
2018-10-22The Teleology of Provincial Offences: A Cause of Social Injustice for the HomelessCogan, Tami Noweta; Sheftel, Anna
2018-10-22The Cascade of Global Norms: An Integral and Mimetic Analysis of National and Civil Society Leadership and Partnership in the Mine Ban TreatyLemieux, Sylvie; Redekop, Vern
2018-10-05Evolving Water Ethics with the Help of Bernard LonerganMcAuley, Thomas; Melchin, Kenneth
2018-10-01Imaginary, Spirituality and Subjective Well-Being of Second-Generation Chinese Canadians: Exploring the Lived Experience of Well-Being in a Bicultural EnvironmentYeung, Winnie Pak Wan; Bellehumeur, Christian; Guirguis-Younger, Manal
2018-08-31The Spouse as Divine Encounter: Renewing the Spiritual Understanding of Marriage in Roman Catholic TheologyBowen, Kathryn Anne Meghan; Roll, Susan
2018-08-31To Lessen Repression and Depression: The Relationship Between Sexual Repression and Mental Health Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer IndividualsJacobson, Ariele; Maisha, Buuma
2018-08-31La Prescription en Droit Canonique et dans la Tradition du Code de Napoléon avec Applications Particulières aux Délits les Plus Graves Touchant aux MoeursNkouaya Mbandji, Valere; Huels, John. M