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2021-11-18Evaluating Subjective Cognitive Decline as a Predictor of Objective Cognitive Performance in Monolingual and Bilingual Older Adults: A Comparison between GroupsRobinson , Nathalie; Yamin, Stephanie; Taler, Vanessa
2021-11-14The Canonical Authority of the Diocesan Bishops over the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Rose of Lima (CIC, CC. 586, 594, 595)Tran, Lua; Kowal, Wojciech
-Witness to Medically-Assisted Dying in CanadaWalsh, Charles; Guirguis-Younger, Manal
2021-09-01Le célibat clérical et la question juridique de l’ordination des hommes sacramentellement mariés dans l’Église latine (can. 277, § 1).Anoh, N'gnamien Jean-Marie; Nobel, Michaël
-Becoming a Transformative Community: Intra-Connecting the Parish Church and the Community it Serves through the Principles of Sacred HospitalityMartin, Jonathon; Ste-Marie, Lorraine
2021-05-18Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy for the Treatment of Trauma-related Symptoms of the SelfBillings, Meghan; Wiebe, Stephanie
2021-05-06Religious and Spiritual Coping and Post-traumatic Growth in Response to Youth’s Traumatic Grief and LossHanna, Mariam; Slatter, Mark
2021-05-05The Longitudinal Associations Between Parenting Practices and Child Externalizing Behaviour Within the School YearMontazeralsedgh, Pooneh; Jiang, Yuanyuan
2021-05-05Interoceptive Awareness and Emotion Regulation Among Individuals with Depression and Anxiety in Emotionally-Focused Individual TherapyKale, Stephanie; Wiebe, Stephanie Amanda
2021-05-03The Experiences of Women Regarding Sexuality and Embodiment Within a Canadian Evangelical Context: A Phenomenological StudyPayne, Melissa; Maisha, Buuma Make-You
2021-05-03La conscription : l’obligation morale du serviceJackson, Jennifer; McLennan, Matthew
2021-04-26La discrimination comme violence raciste et nationaliste : quelles implications pour l’étude des conflits? Le cas particulier de la situation des Roms en HongrieBoglari, Marie R. B.; Tessier, Hélène
2021-02-18Perceived Needs of Youth Experiencing Homelessness and Precarious Housing: Youth and Service Provider PerspectivesD'Amico, Laura; Yamin, Stéphanie
2020-11-30Medium and Mystery: Byzantine Iconography in Light of the Media Theory of Marshall McLuhanSt. Germain, Louise; Hefty, Karl
2020-11-16Canonical Considerations in Pastoral Care of Persons in Marriages Between Roman Catholics and Buddhists in ThailandBoonphao, Prajak; Kowal, Wojciech
-Sowing Seeds on Fertile Ground – Towards a Catechumenal Model of the Christian Initiation of Children in the Roman Catholic Diocese of PembrokeDedo, Jason George; Martin, Miriam
2020-05-14Understanding the Roles of Reflective Function and Emotion Control in Relationship SatisfactionKriplani, Sara; Wiebe, Stephanie Amanda
2020-05-13Exploring the Dynamics of Insecure Attachment Styles and Cultural Sexual Scripts In Relation to Sexual CommunicationBridge, Monica; Wiebe, Stephanie Amanda
2020-05-13Out of the Valley of Qadisha: Modern Syro-Maronite Identity and Its Impact on Relations with the Arab Islamic WorldHaddad, Rachelle; Pandimakil, Peter
2020-05-13Recommendations for Translating the DREAM Program: Gifted Edition to an Online-Live Hybrid ModelParrott, Julia; Armstrong, Laura Lynne