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2017-11-15The Process of Meaning-Making in International Aid Work: A Phenomenological StudyRuel, Chantal; Bilodeau, Cynthia
2017-10-23Prophètes et Rois en Israël : deux pouvoirs, un seul trône. Étude sur les principaux personnages du cycle d’Achab (1 R 16,29-22,40)Keumeni Ngounou, Yves Léopold; Mathieu, Yvan; Wénin, André
2017-09-29The Agreement for Temporary Service of a Diocesan Priest Outside His Diocese of Incardination According to Canon 271 of the 1983 Code of Canon LawObel, Andrew Kinarah; Glendinning, Chad; Huels, John
2017-09-22Religious Peacebuilding: The Life and Work of Archbishop Raya as a Model for Religious PeacebuildingSabada, Lesya Michalina; Neufeld Redekop, Vern
2017-09-19Making Meaning of the 2006 Territorial Conflict in Caledonia and Reflecting Upon the Future of the Impacted CommunitiesDesjardins, Norm; Neufeld Redekop, Vern
2017-09-18Religious Peacebuilding: The Life and Work of Archbishop Raya as a Model for Religious PeacebuildingSabada, Lesya Michalina; Neufeld Redekop, Vern
2017The Church's Response to Childless Couples: Canonical and Pastoral Considerations on Sterility in the Ugandan context (c. 1084,§3)Tumusiime, Sebastian Zanikire; Nobel, Michael
2017-06-26Second-generation Arab Immigrants and DifferentiationFarahat, Wala'a; Rovers, Martin
2017-06-14An Analysis of Participative Structures in Selected Particular Churches in Eastern Africa in Light of the 1983 Code of Canon LawLusabe, Lennoxie Nafuma; Renken, John Anthony
2017-06-14Charles Taylor and the Place of the Transcendent in Secular Modern LivesCampbell, Anthony Edward Hugh; Clifford, Catherine E.
2017-05-16The Wisdom of the Scribe: A Socio-Rhetorical and Theological Interpretation of Sirach 38:24–39:11Finbow, Douglas; Spatafora, Andrea
2017-05-12The Making of Torturers: The Case of Abu Ghraib – An Exploration of Individual Psychological Factors, Group Factors, and Mimetic Structures of ViolenceOlafsson, Nadine; Redekop, Vern
2017-05-08La passivité comme abandon à la volonté de Dieu dans la doctrine de Madame Guyon. Enjeux et interpellations de la controverse quiétiste.Bélanger, Edith; Blée, Fabrice
2017-05-03Teaching Touch: A phenomenological study of how touch is addressed in clinical supervisionKosierb, Samantha; Bilodeau, Cynthia
2017-05-03Formation of Women Religious During the Period of Temporary Vows With Particular Reference to the Religious Institute of The Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters)Awiti, Marren Akoth; Wojciech, Kowal
2017-05-02Meaning as an Early Determinant of Childhood Mental Health: Potential Influence of Religious AttendanceSt. John, Elizabeth; Armstrong, Laura
2017-04-25La monarchie constitutionnelle canadienne : une anomalie éthique selon la perspective de l'égalité des chancesBélanger, Clément; Cloutier, Sophie
2017-04-06Ethical Abnegation: Insights from LonerganPauley, Amy; Melchin, Kenneth R.
2017-04-05Le secret d’office du juge ecclésiastique : Application du canon 1455 du CIC/83 par rapport au bien communSaint-Louis, Edwine; Nobel, Michael-Andreas
2017-01-17The Concept of Liturgical Reform in the Writings of Romano Guardini and Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI: A Comparative AnalysisKurnyek, Robert; Roll, Susan K.