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2018-01-23Émergence et développement des « lignes téléphoniques de prière » dans la communauté haïtienne adventiste du septième jour au Canada et aux États-Unis d’Amérique ; vers la proposition d’un cadre opérationnelSaint-Fleur, Roger; Ste-Marie, Lorraine
2018-11-22The Role of Spirituality in the Lives of Women Coping with Early Motherhood and Postpartum DepressionMartins, Sandra; Gall, Terry Lynn
2018-11-26Explicit and Implicit Rights Common to All the Faithful in The Code of Canon LawMaddineni , Sarath Chandra Sagar; Huels, John
2018-10-22The Cascade of Global Norms: An Integral and Mimetic Analysis of National and Civil Society Leadership and Partnership in the Mine Ban TreatyLemieux, Sylvie; Redekop, Vern
2018-10-22The Teleology of Provincial Offences: A Cause of Social Injustice for the HomelessCogan, Tami Noweta; Sheftel, Anna
2018-03-08Feminist Theological Analysis and the Bias of Oppression: Methodological Insights from the Work of Bernard LonerganGray, Susan L.; Melchin, Kenneth
2018-04-20The Flow of Hope in Couple Therapy: Perspectives of Couples and Their TherapistsVriend Fluit, Danielle; Rovers, Martin
2018-02-07A Catholic-Indigenous Spiritual Dialogue, on Religious Experience and Creation; Toward Understanding a Text of Theology from another Culture, Through Cultural Exploration and Conversion(s)Robson, Paul; Peelman, Achiel; Hefty, Karl
2018-05-07Restorying Indigenous–Settler Relations in Canada: Taking a Decolonial Turn Toward a Settler Theology of LiberationMorgan, Joëlle M.; Roll, Susan
2018-05-08The Canadian Social Economy and Values: Insights from Bernard Lonergan's Theological EthicsMcAleese, Morag; Melchin, Kenneth R.