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2011-04-26L’indissolubilité du mariage et ses impacts dans le contexte Malagasy, en particulier chez les Betsimisaraka (c. 1056)Rasamimanana, Gilbert Augustin; Asselin, Anne; Jacques, Roland
2011-03-29Mariages dispars : propositions canoniques et pastorales pour une législation particulière au Burkina FasoOuédraogo, Roger; Asselin, Anne
2011-04-18L’idée des biens fondamentaux chez Finnis : une évaluation philosophique et théologique critiquesMboua, Emmanuel; Melchin, Kenneth
2011-04-18The Missing Child – Integrating Absent Conceptualizations into Ethical Theory Development and Practice.McCart, Amber; Beauvais, Chantal
2011-04-26Seven Criteria for the Assessment of the Ecclesial Identity and Vocation of a Particular Church: The Development of an Interpretative System Based on the Ecclesiology of Vatican II and Verified Against the Work of the Kyivan Church Study GroupSakvuk, Yuriy; Chirovsky, Andriy
2011Polygamy in sub-Saharan Africa and the Munus Docendi: Canonical Structures in Support of Church Doctrine and EvangelizationLyimo, Prosper Baltazar; Huels, John
2011La responsabilité éthique de la télévision intentionnelle envers le sujet adolescentSamson, Martin; Perron, Louis
2011The Virtues of a Christian Realist: Toward a Niebuhrian Virtue Ethics in Conversation with Martha Nussbaumter Kuile, Martha; Melchin, Kenneth
2011Accountability and Aspiration: An Insight Approach for Organizational EthicsBuchanan, Anne; Melchin, Kenneth
2011-05-03The Full Has Never Been Told: Theology and the Encounter with GlobalizationDuncanson-Hales, Christopher; van den Hengel, John