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2018-10-05Evolving Water Ethics with the Help of Bernard LonerganMcAuley, Thomas; Melchin, Kenneth
2018-10-01Imaginary, Spirituality and Subjective Well-Being of Second-Generation Chinese Canadians: Exploring the Lived Experience of Well-Being in a Bicultural EnvironmentYeung, Winnie Pak Wan; Bellehumeur, Christian; Guirguis-Younger, Manal
2018-08-31The Spouse as Divine Encounter: Renewing the Spiritual Understanding of Marriage in Roman Catholic TheologyBowen, Kathryn Anne Meghan; Roll, Susan
2018-08-31To Lessen Repression and Depression: The Relationship Between Sexual Repression and Mental Health Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer IndividualsJacobson, Ariele; Maisha, Buuma
2018-08-31La Prescription en Droit Canonique et dans la Tradition du Code de Napoléon avec Applications Particulières aux Délits les Plus Graves Touchant aux MoeursNkouaya Mbandji, Valere; Huels, John. M
-The Developing Psychotherapy Supervisor: The Experience of Change and Growth in the Early YearsMannella, Jillian; Grafanaki, Soti
2018-06-04L’exercice du gouvernement épiscopal dans l’Église. Cinq ans d’orientations canoniques et pastorales à partir de la vision du pape François.Édayé Dokoui , Sagbo Pierre; Asselin, Anne
2018-05-17Rio de Janeiro Pacification Programs: The militarization of the police in the perpetuation of structural violencede Castro Boria, Fernanda; Eaton, Heather
2018-05-14Special Economic Zones in Jordan: An Economic Action PlanBarr, Lindsey; Dufort, Philippe
2018-05-14Climate Change and Geopolitics: A Conflict in the ArcticCovino, Lisa; Eaton, Heather
2018-05-10Practising Non-Evidence-Based Medicine: Ethical Issues in the Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in CanadaFok, Winnie; Lanoix, Monique
2018-05-10A Gift to Address the Double-Edged Sword of Giftedness: Pilot Evaluation of the D.R.E.A.M. Program for Gifted Elementary School-Age ChildrenDesson, Stephanie; Armstrong, Laura
2018-05-09L'éthique du care: la face cachée de l'éthique militaire au sein des Forces armées canadiennesNoel, Jean-Francois; Lanoix, Monique
2018-05-08The Canadian Social Economy and Values: Insights from Bernard Lonergan's Theological EthicsMcAleese, Morag; Melchin, Kenneth R.
2018-05-07Kenosis as a Spirituality and an Ethic: The Church and SecularityKronberg, Kerry J.; Slatter, Mark E.
2018-05-07Restorying Indigenous–Settler Relations in Canada: Taking a Decolonial Turn Toward a Settler Theology of LiberationMorgan, Joëlle M.; Roll, Susan
2018-04-20The Flow of Hope in Couple Therapy: Perspectives of Couples and Their TherapistsVriend Fluit, Danielle; Rovers, Martin
2018-04-06An Ethnographic Study of Clergy-Laity Collaboration for the Enhancement of the Mission of the Church in the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, Nigeria.Enemuo, Benedict; Martin, Miriam
2018-03-08Feminist Theological Analysis and the Bias of Oppression: Methodological Insights from the Work of Bernard LonerganGray, Susan L.; Melchin, Kenneth
2018-02-16Rich Harvest and Few Laborers: The Challenges and Opportunities of Priestly Life and Ministry in the Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of KingstonAjawara, Cosmas; Clifford, Catherine