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2020-02-28Dreaming of a Solution: D.R.E.A.M.-O.F. a Mental Health Promotion Program for Children and Their Families on Mental Health WaitlistsWatt, Emmalyne; Armstrong, Laura Lynne
2020-02-07The Ecuador Peru Peace Process: A Study of Discursive Exclusion and Ideological Interference in Assessment Material and Academic LiteratureZachidniak, Jason; Sheftel, Anna
2020-02-03Integrative Connection, a Discovery: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Couple Experiences in a Traditional Partner Yoga PracticePackard, Reesa; Rovers, Martin; Wiebe, Stephanie Amanda
2019-12-19Spiritual Development Through Client Encounters: Reflections of Senior PsychotherapistsGodula, Magdalena; Grafanaki, Sotiria
2019-11-07The Implementation of the Canons on Mass Offerings in Particular Law and Custom with Special Reference to the Dioceses of CameroonNdey, Francis; Glendinning, Chad James
2019-11-01Turning Back the Direction of Canadian Foreign AidMuzamhindo, Masimba; McLennan, Matthew
2019-10-30The Needs and Experiences of Caregivers to Persons with Dementia (PWD) who have Lost their Driving PrivilegesGratton, Cassandre; Yamin, Stéphanie
2019-10-09Understanding Aid: Religious and Spiritual Undergraduate Students' Personal Narratives of Their Volunteer ExperiencesIsmail, Mariam; Stinchcombe, Arne
2019-09-18Economic Disequilibrium: A Philosophical Analysis of Economic Inequality, Property Rights and the Future of DemocracyMorley, Marie Constance; Redekop, Vernon W.
2019-09-09The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Collective Memory and the Ontario Grade 10 History CurriculumShulist, Merina; Sheftel, Anna
2019-08-22Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Agenda for ChangeMawlawi, Hashem; Pandimakil, Peter
2019-08-19Public Relations, Biopolitics, & Aestheticization: The Instrumenting of Identity in Relation to Sociopolitical ConflictWalker, Hailey; Dufort, Philippe
2019-07-25China's Repression of the Xinjiang Uyghur: Ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang, China and the Application of John Burton's Human Needs TheoryGallagher, Shannon; Eaton, Heather
2019-07-17The Role of Personality on Early Alliance Formation in the Context of Clinical SupervisionLalande, Stéphanie; Bilodeau, Cynthia Celeste
2019-06-12Rewarding non armed conflicts - UN policy exclusively supporting non armed conflictsMedawar, Nadine; Dieng, Moda
2019-06-03Virtual Pilgrimage: A Pathway to Spiritual Renewal for Frontline Volunteers in Ottawa's Shepherds of Good HopeMacDonald, Ann; Blée, Fabrice
2019-05-13Regard ricoeurien sur la pensée et la praxis abolitionnistesRatelle, Genevieve; Perron, Louis
2019-05-13The Relationships Between Personality Traits, Death Attitudes, and AgeismGalton, Nicolas; Stinchcombe, Arne
2019-05-03Property Ownership of the Society of Jesus in the Province of MadagascarRakotoarisoa, Hasiniaina Eugène Hervé; Renken, John
2019-05-02The relationship between spiritual health, spiritual dissonance and positive mental healthDaigle, Julie; Stinchcombe, Arne