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2012Can a Song Save the World? The Dynamics of Protest Music, Spirituality, and Violence in the Context of the 'War on Terror'Levesque, Lauren M.; Eaton, Heather
2013-07-29Unmet Self, Relational, and Spiritual Needs in Distressed Couple RelationshipsBriscoe-Dimock, Shelley; Rovers, Martin
2019-10-09Understanding Aid: Religious and Spiritual Undergraduate Students' Personal Narratives of Their Volunteer ExperiencesIsmail, Mariam; Stinchcombe, Arne
2019-03-29The Protective Effect of Religion/Spirituality on Mental Health and Mental Illness Across the Adult LifespanManoiu, Roxana; Stinchcombe, Arne
2019-05-02The relationship between spiritual health, spiritual dissonance and positive mental healthDaigle, Julie; Stinchcombe, Arne
2018-10-01Imaginary, Spirituality and Subjective Well-Being of Second-Generation Chinese Canadians: Exploring the Lived Experience of Well-Being in a Bicultural EnvironmentYeung, Winnie Pak Wan; Bellehumeur, Christian; Guirguis-Younger, Manal
2012-08-22From the Conflict of Domestic Violence to the Pursuit of Intra-psychic Reconciliation: A Blended Theory (Grounded, Heuristic and Structures of Blessing) Probe of Spirituality and Religious Based Coping Strategies; in the Context of Domestic Violence as Experienced by First Nations Women in Sioux Lookout ZoneKirlew, Marsha-Yolaine; Neufeld Redekop, Vern
2014-04-23Bisexual Women in the Christian Faith: Composing with a Complex IdentityCharron, Natalie A.; Malette, Judith
2021-05-03The Experiences of Women Regarding Sexuality and Embodiment Within a Canadian Evangelical Context: A Phenomenological StudyPayne, Melissa; Maisha, Buuma Make-You
-Witness to Medically-Assisted Dying in CanadaWalsh, Charles; Guirguis-Younger, Manal