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2014Palestinian Youth Perceptions of the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictAlsousi, Husam; Redekop, Vern
2014Les mariages Islamo-Chrétiens au Liban : une étude empirique et théoriqueTannous, Marie-Rose; Demasure, Karlijn
2014-04-30The Collaboration between the Parochus and the Parish Finance Council in the Protection of Parish Property: Practical Reflections on the Relation between Canons 532 and 537 of the 1983 Code of Canon LawRasaian, Lawrence; RENKEN, John. A
2014-06-24Images of God, Resilience and the Imaginary: A Study among Vietnamese Immigrants Who Have Experienced LossNguyen, Thanh Tu; Christian Bellehumeur
2014-05-15The Role of the Constitutions of a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right to Define its Relationship With the Bishop: A Particular Reference to the Institute of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Nigeria)Giegbefumwen, Stella E.; Abbass, Jobe
2014-05-15With All Due Respect, Sir: Canadian Forces’ Chaplains: Defining Competencies for Providing Ethical Advice to the Chain of CommandParker, Neil; Melchin, Kenneth
2014-04-30Reclaiming the Heart of Adult Catechesis: A Case Study in Search of Processes that Empower Mature Christian DisciplesKuzmochka, Carol; Martin, Miriam
2014-04-25Why Bother? A Socio-Theological Inquiry into Dimensions of Compassion in the Boomer Culture of OttawaMarsden-Dole, Patricia M.; Sainte-Marie, Lorraine; Jillions, John
2014-04-23Bisexual Women in the Christian Faith: Composing with a Complex IdentityCharron, Natalie A.; Malette, Judith
2014-05-06Radical Forgiveness: The Dynamics of Forgiveness after Culpable Wrongdoing of Intolerable HarmBender, Alexandra; Eaton, Heather