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2013-02-26How Close is God? How is God Close? Methodology in Liturgical TheologyO'Regan, James; Roll, Susan K.
2013-09-30A Sociorhetorical Analysis of Clark H. Pinnock's Hermeneutical Approach to Biblical Materials, with Particular Attention to the Role of Religious ExperienceRobinson, Peter S.; Bloomquist, L. Gregory
2013-10-24Les relations canoniques des évêques diocésains et des instituts religieux de droit diocésain : la juste autonomie (cc. 578 et 586) avec une application particulière à l’Église au BéninAcotchou, Gisele; Abbass, Jobe
2013-09-05L'école catholique de langue française de l'Ontario. L'articulation de son apport à la société ontarienne dans le discours public.Lessard, Rémi Pierre; Peelman, Achiel
2013-07-29Unmet Self, Relational, and Spiritual Needs in Distressed Couple RelationshipsBriscoe-Dimock, Shelley; Rovers, Martin
2013-04-02The Role and Function of Lydia as a Rhetorical Construct in Acts: A Sociorhetorical and Theological InterpretationGruca-Macaulay, Alexandra; Bloomquist, L. Gregory
2013The Data Fishbowl: An Ethical and Philosophical Analysis of Information Privacy in an Integrated Digital WorldEkholm, John W.; Walters, Gregory J.
2013-11-21Parent-Founded Schools for the Catholic Education of Children: Considerations for Canonical Recognition in the North American ContextCreurer, Philip A.; Kowal, Wojciech
2013-12-02Does Thomas Scanlon’s Theory of Blame Resolve the Problem Presented by Moral Luck?Madigan, Courtney; Perron, Louis
2013-01-25The Shift in Thinking Ethically About Nuclear Accidents: A Comparative Ethical and Historical Case StudyYau, Carmen Kar-Yu; Sweet, William