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5-Sep-2012A Celebrated Woman: The Life and Times of Florence Nightingale, the Influence of her Essay "Cassandra" on John Stuart Mill's "The Subjection of Women" and Some Reflections on Nightingale and the Status of Women TodayCornick, Jennifer Leigh
19-May-2011A Reflexive Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Encounter Groups: A New way of Conducting Dialogue Between Groups in Entrenched ConflictGil-Shuster, Corey
30-Sep-2013A Sociorhetorical Analysis of Clark H. Pinnock's Hermeneutical Approach to Biblical Materials, with Particular Attention to the Role of Religious ExperienceRobinson, Peter S.
2015A Theology of Social Engagement for Evangelicals: The Reign of God and Social TransformationEmanuel, Frank
2011Accountability and Aspiration: An Insight Approach for Organizational EthicsBuchanan, Anne
29-Sep-2017The Agreement for Temporary Service of a Diocesan Priest Outside His Diocese of Incardination According to Canon 271 of the 1983 Code of Canon LawObel, Andrew Kinarah
14-May-2012Alan Gewirth and Gilles Paquet, Networking Ethics and Governance in Catastrophic Disaster Responses: An Ethical Perspective on Governance in the Haiti 2010 EarthquakeDixon, Robert
5-Jul-2016An Analysis of Gandhi's Constructive Program Based on Galtung's TheoriesDillon, Amy
14-Jun-2017An Analysis of Participative Structures in Selected Particular Churches in Eastern Africa in Light of the 1983 Code of Canon LawLusabe, Lennoxie Nafuma
1-Aug-2016The Arab Ordeal: Between Democratization and Islamization of the RegionHoballah, Leila
5-Jul-2016Assemblies of Hierarchs and Conferences of Bishops: A Comparative StudyLaschuk, Alexander
2015Au-delà d’une résolution : Une réconciliationNakhla, Fouad
4-May-2016Being the Church for Others: A critical analysis of John W. de Gruchy’s contextual ecclesiology of engagementMenard, Wayne
1-Nov-2016Beyond Protection: Responding to the Problem of Trafficking in Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada through the Lens of Paul Ricœur’s Ethics of Human Capability and Mutual RecognitionSmith, Sheila M.
2015Biometrics for Personal Identification: Recapturing Ethics and Values in the Public Policy-Making Process - A Rawlsian Philosophical AnalysisRobert, Whitelaw
23-Apr-2014Bisexual Women in the Christian Faith: Composing with a Complex IdentityCharron, Natalie A.
2012Can a Song Save the World? The Dynamics of Protest Music, Spirituality, and Violence in the Context of the 'War on Terror'Levesque, Lauren M.
14-Jun-2017Charles Taylor and the Place of the Transcendent in Secular Modern LivesCampbell, Anthony Edward Hugh
2017The Church's Response to Childless Couples: Canonical and Pastoral Considerations on Sterility in the Ugandan context (c. 1084,§3)Tumusiime, Sebastian Zanikire
22-Apr-2013'Clearcut' Conflict: Clayoquot Sound Campaign and the Moral ImaginationMann, Michaela Killoran
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