Focusing-enhanced mixing in microfluidic channels

dc.contributor.authorZhang, Zhiyi
dc.contributor.authorZhao, Ping
dc.contributor.authorXiao, Gaozhi
dc.contributor.authorLin, Min
dc.contributor.authorCao, Xudong
dc.identifier.citationBiomicrofluidics, 2, 014101.
dc.description.abstractA focusing-based microfluidic mixer was studied. The micromixer utilizes the focusing process required for cytometry to reduce the diffusion distance of molecules to be mixed in order to facilitate the passive diffusion-controlled mixing process. It was found that both the high flow rate ratio of the sheath flow to the flows to be mixed and the low flow rate of the mixing fluids resulted in the short mixing length required within the microfluidic channel. It was shown that a complete mixing was achieved within a distance of 4 mm in the micromixer for the focused mixing fluids at a flow rate of 2 μl/min and a flow rate ratio of the sheath flow to the flows to be mixed at 4:1. The mixer described here is simple and can be easily fabricated and controlled.
dc.subjectmicrochannel flow
dc.subjectcellular transport
dc.subjectbiological techniques
dc.titleFocusing-enhanced mixing in microfluidic channels
CollectionGénie chimique et biologique - Publications // Chemical and Biological Engineering - Publications