Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making Methods and Integrated Web-Based Decision Support Systems

dc.contributor.authorOzer, Ibrahim
dc.contributor.authorLane, Daniel E.
dc.description.abstractThis paper explores different group decision making methods applied to the multi-criteria decision making problem of selecting a preferred “site” and develops a support system for group decision making. The group members consider sites to have alternative and often conflicting uses. It is imperative for decision makers in the responsible group to have an appropriate combination of tools, computer software, and decisions support systems in order to make the most preferred decisions as a group despite potential inherent conflict among members of the decision making group. To support this idea and facilitate decision making, this paper examines alternative group multi-criteria decision making (MCdecision maker) evaluation techniques, including: the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), the AHP Combined Method, and the Group (self) Evaluation Method. A web-based comparison framework is developed to facilitate model use. These methods are applied to the evaluation of coastal zone sites for alternate marine use including aquaculture or fish farming. Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing activities among coastal nations. At the same time, companies, researchers, and coastal communities are seeking assistance in identifying appropriate coastal zone sites for commercial fishing and aquaculture activities, habitat reserves, and marine recreation. The aquaculture case study evaluates four possible fish sites in the Grand Manan Island area of Atlantic Canada.
dc.titleMulti-Criteria Group Decision Making Methods and Integrated Web-Based Decision Support Systems
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