Atlantic Cod Stock: Current Status and Strategic Fisheries Management

Title: Atlantic Cod Stock: Current Status and Strategic Fisheries Management
Authors: Sharma, Naman
Lane, Daniel E.
Özveri, Onur
Date: 2010-10-27T12:46:06Z
Abstract: This paper presents a review of the Committee on Endangered Wildlife in Canada criteria used to determine the status of species at risk for commercially exploited marine species designated as “special concern”, and the approach of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for stock assessment. Cod stocks in the Northwest Atlantic Canadian zones are examined and species status results are analyzed and compared, and updated values for available criteria are provided for some stocks from 2002 through to 2006. The analysis of the updated values suggests that what is needed is a more complete perspective of the fishery system as the context within which the species at risk status is being examined. To this end, a broader set of stock status indicators for the assessment of marine species is proposed that takes into account available information including all fisheries stock assessment data. A monitoring program is presented based on the principles of quality control as a guideline for stock status assessment and risk analysis.
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