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2016-08-17Control of lithospheric inheritance on neotectonic activity in northwestern Canada?Audet, Pascal; Christian, Sole; Andrew, Schaeffer
2017Seismic velocity model of the crust in the northern Canadian Cordillera from Rayleigh wave dispersion dataMa, Shutian; Audet, Pascal
2010-08-30T15:00:18ZMineralogy and origin of oxygen-bearing platinum-iron grains based on an X-ray absorption spectroscopy studyHattori, Keiko; Takahashi, Yoshio; Augé, Thierry
2018Rock control of river geometry: the Fraser canyons: data setRennie, Colin D.; Church, Michael; Venditti, Jeremy G.
2011-11Ontario’s Future with the Emerald Ash BorerPisarek, Paulina; MacDonell, Dylan; Tassie, Mathieu
2016-03-30Receiver functions using OBS data: Promises and limitations from numerical modelling and examples from the Cascadia InitiativeAudet, Pascal
2015Layered crustal anisotropy around the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CaliforniaAudet, Pascal
2016Teleseismic constraints on the geological environment of deep episodic slow earthquakes in subduction zone forearcs: A reviewAudet, Pascal; Kim, YoungHee
2016Structure and anisotropy of the crust in the Cyclades, Greece, using receiver functions constrained by in situ rock textural dataCossette, Élise; Audet, Pascal; Schneider, David; Grasemann, Bernhard
2018Ensuring health and environmental protection in hydraulic fracturing: A focus on British Columbia and Alberta, CanadaLarkin, Patricia; Gracie, Robert; Dusseault, Maurice; Krewski, Daniel
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