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17-Aug-2016Control of lithospheric inheritance on neotectonic activity in northwestern Canada?Audet, Pascal; Christian, Sole; Andrew, Schaeffer
2017Seismic velocity model of the crust in the northern Canadian Cordillera from Rayleigh wave dispersion dataMa, Shutian; Audet, Pascal
2015Layered crustal anisotropy around the San Andreas Fault near Parkfield, CaliforniaAudet, Pascal
2016Teleseismic constraints on the geological environment of deep episodic slow earthquakes in subduction zone forearcs: A reviewAudet, Pascal; Kim, YoungHee
2016Structure and anisotropy of the crust in the Cyclades, Greece, using receiver functions constrained by in situ rock textural dataCossette, Élise; Audet, Pascal; Schneider, David; Grasemann, Bernhard
30-Mar-2016Receiver functions using OBS data: Promises and limitations from numerical modelling and examples from the Cascadia InitiativeAudet, Pascal
Nov-2011Ontario’s Future with the Emerald Ash BorerPisarek, Paulina; MacDonell, Dylan; Tassie, Mathieu
2009Exhumation Process in Oceanic and Continental Subduction Context: A ReviewGuillot, Stéphane; Hattori, Keiko; Agard, Philippe; Schwartz, Stéphane; Vidal, Olivier
2007Geochemical Character of Serpentinites Associated with High- to Ultra-High-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks in the Alps, Cuba, and the Himalayas: Recycling of Elements in Subduction ZonesHattori, Keiko; Guillot, Stéphane
30-Aug-2010Mineralogy and origin of oxygen-bearing platinum-iron grains based on an X-ray absorption spectroscopy studyHattori, Keiko; Takahashi, Yoshio; Augé, Thierry