Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China: Chinese and Canadian Perspectives

dc.contributor.editorMendes, Errol P.
dc.contributor.editorSrighanthan, Sakunthala
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dc.description.abstractIn "Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China," leading experts from Canada and China analyze the human rights challenges that are occurring as China undergoes drastic social changes and propose policies for protecting human rights and promoting balanced development. With perspectives as varied as those of official government sociologists from the Central State council, dissident activists, radical ecologists, and professional journalists, the Chinese contributors describe with courage and frankness the challenges associated with the changes happening in China. Leading human rights scholars from Canada provide insight on Canadian and international practices that protect human rights, and how they might be applied to a Chinese context.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Prosperity at the Expense of Equality: Migrant Workers are Falling Behind in Urban China’s Rise (Wenran Jiang) 2. The Historical Causes of Chinas Dual Social Structure (Gong Renren) 3. Restoring Private Ownership of Rural Lands to Safeguard the Basic Rights of Farmers (Wang Keqin) 4. Changing the Policy Paradigm on Chinese Migrant Workers (Cui Chuanyi and Cui Xiaoli) 5. Chinese Farmers’ Right of Access to Judicial Relief: An Investigative Report into Forest Land Expropriation Claims by Hebei Farmer Wen Shengcun (Wang Xinan) 6. Chinas War on its Environment and Farmers’ Rights: A Study of Shanxi Province (Zhang Yulin) 7. The Gendered Reality of Migrant Workers in Globalizing China (Chen Lanyan (Lanyan Chen)) 8. An Analysis of Rural Women’s Entitlements to Land and Other Property (Liang Jianguo and Xu Weihua) 9. Systemic Discrimination and Gender Inequality: A Life Cycle Approach to Girls’ and Women’s Rights (Colleen Sheppard) 10. A Study of the Legislative Inhibition of Discrimination on the Basis of Disability (Wang Zhijiang) 11. The Application of International and Regional Instruments to HIV-Related Discrimination in China and Southeast Asia (David Patterson) 12. Gender and HIV/AIDS: Understanding and Addressing Stigma and Discrimination Among Women and Girls (Barbara Clow and Linda Snyder) 13. Promoting the Right to Education for AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC): A Study on Anti-Discrimination (Ma Yinghua, Ding Suqin, Wang Chao and Yuan Mengyao) 14. The State of Life and Survival Strategies of AIDS-Infected Rural Women: An Analysis Based on Field Investigations in Selected Areas of Henan (Qin Mingrui and Lai Xiaole) 15. The Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Global Template for Minority Rights? (Errol P. Mendes) 16. Indigenous Peoples and Hunting Rights (Scott Simon)
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dc.titleConfronting Discrimination and Inequality in China: Chinese and Canadian Perspectives
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