Home-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature

dc.contributor.editorSugars, Cynthia
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dc.description.abstractCanadian literature, and specifically the teaching of Canadian literature, has emerged from a colonial duty to a nationalist enterprise and into the current territory of postcolonialism. From practical discussions related to specific texts, to more theoretical discussions about pedagogical practice regarding issues of nationalism and identity, Home-Work constitutes a major investigation and reassessment of the influence of postcolonial theory on Canadian literary pedagogy from some of the top scholars in the field.
dc.description.sponsorshipI am grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for a grant that helped gather these scholars together. I am also indebted to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ottawa for its financial support of this project, from its contribution to the 2002 conference, to their publication subvention, to its ongoing support of the "Reappraisals" series as a whole.
dc.description.tableofcontents1 Postcolonial Pedagogy and the Impossibility of Teaching: Outside in the (Canadian Literature) Classroom (CYNTHIA SUGARS) 2. The Culture of Celebrity and National Pedagogy (SMARO KAMBOURELI) 3. Cross-Talk, Postcolonial Pedagogy, and Transnational Literacy (DIANA BRYDON) 4. Literary Citizenship: Culture (Un) Bounded, Culture (Re) Distributed (DONNA PALMATEER PENNEE) 5. Globalization, (Canadian) Culture, and Critical Pedagogy: A Primer (ROY MIKI) 6. Culture and the Global State: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and the Canadian Literatures (PAUL HJARTARSON) 7. Canadian Literature in English “Among Worlds” (LESLIE MONKMAN) 8. Postcolonial Pedagogies Everything I Know about Human Rights I Learned from Literature: Human Rights Literacy in the Canadian Literature Classroom (BRENDA CARR VELLINO) 9. Compr(om)ising Post/colonialisms: Postcolonial Pedagogy and the Uncanny Space of Possibility (GERRY TURCOTTE) 10. From Praxis to Practice: Prospects for Postcolonial Pedagogy in Canadian Public Education (BEVERLEY HAUN) 11. Decolonizing the Classroom “You Don’t Even Want to Go There”: Race, Text, and Identities in the Classroom (ARUN P. MUKHERJEE) 12. Is There a Subaltern in This Class(room)? (TERRY GOLDIE with ZUBIN MEER) 13. How Long Is Your Sentence?: Classes, Pedagogies, Canadian Literatures (GARY BOIRE) 14. Codes of Canadian Racism: Anglocentric and Assimilationist Cultural Rhetoric (ROBERT BUDDE) 15. Teaching/Reading Native Writing Reading against Hybridity?: Postcolonial Pedagogy and the Global Present in Jeannette Armstrong’s Whispering in Shadows (HEIKE HARTING) 16. Teaching the Talk That Walks on Paper: Oral Traditions and Textualized Orature in the Canadian Literature Classroom (SUSAN GINGELL) 17. “Outsiders” and “Insiders”: Teaching Native/Canadian Literature as Meeting Place (LAURIE KRUK) 18. Getting In and Out of the Dark Room: In Search of April Raintree as Neutral Ground for Conflict Resolution (DANIELLE SCHAUB) 19. Pedagogies in Practice Thinking about Things in the Postcolonial Classroom (MISAO DEAN) 20. Postcolonial Collisions of Language: Teaching and Using Tensions in the Text (MARGARET STEFFLER) 21. Re-Placing Ethnicity: New Approaches to Ukrainian Canadian Literature (LISA GREKUL) 22. To Canada from “My Many Selves”: Addressing the Theoretical Implications of South Asian Diasporic Literature in English as a Pedagogical Paradigm (MARIAM PIRBHAI) 23. Historical Imperatives Literary History as Microhistory (HEATHER MURRAY) 24. Postcolonialism Meets Book History: Pauline Johnson and Imperial London (CAROLE GERSON) 25. Margaret Atwood's Historical Lives in Context: Notes on a Postcolonial Pedagogy for Historical Fiction (RENEE HULAN) 26. At Normal School: Seton, Montgomery, and the New Education (JENNIFER HENDERSON) 27. Cornering the Triangle: Understanding the “Dominion-itive” Role of the Realistic Animal Tale in Early Twentieth-Century Canadian Children’s Literature (KATHLEEN MARIE CONNOR) 28. The Teacher Reader: Canadian Historical Fiction, Adolescent Learning, and Teacher Education (LINDA RADFORD)
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dc.titleHome-Work: Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature
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