From Cognition to Being: Prolegomena for Teachers

dc.contributor.authorMcHenry, Henry Davis
dc.identifier.isbneISBN - 9780776615967 / ISBN - 9780776604558
dc.description.abstractIn this book, Henry Davis McHenry, Jr. sets forth his thoughtful conviction that teachers must constantly invent and re-invent ways of being together with their students that will enable both a shared mastery and a shared apprenticeship. Philosophically grounded yet personably written for ordinary careful readers, with examples from experiences with the author's students, the book engages the reader in inquiry rather than argument. It aims to produce awareness, not simply a list of tips and prescriptions.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Our picture of language 2. Cartesian doubt 3. Lockean certainty 4. Wittgenstein’s inquiry into structure 5. Our listening with language 6. Language as sharing 7. Hermeneutic circling and the pragmatic ontology of encounter
dc.publisherLes Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa Press
dc.titleFrom Cognition to Being: Prolegomena for Teachers
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