Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era

dc.contributor.editorSt-Pierre, Paul
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dc.description.abstractThis volume explores the theoretical foundations of undercurrents of postcolonial translation in settings as diverse as Malaysia, Ireland, India and South America. "Changing the Terms" examines stimulating links that are currently being forged between linguistics, literature and cultural theory. In doing so, the authors probe complex sequences of intercultural contact, fusion and breach. The impact that history and politics have had on the role of translation in the evolution of literary and cultural relations is investigated in fascinating detail.
dc.description.sponsorshipThe editors would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Fonds pour la formation de chercheurs et 1'aide à la recherche in Quebec, of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, and of the Dean of Arts and Science, Concordia University. We would like to warmly thank Joanne Akai for her help in preparing the manuscript and Jean Delisle for his generous and efficient support.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. History, Translation, Postcolonialism (Michael Cronin) 2. “Colonization,” Resistance and the Uses of Postcolonial Translation Theory in Twentieth-Century China (Leo Tak-Hung Chan) 3. The Power of Translation: A Survey of Translation in Orissa (Diptiranjan Pattanaik) 4. Cultural Transmission Through Translation: An Indian Perspective (Shantha Ramakrishna) 5. Legitimacy, Marronnage and the Power of Translation (Jean-Marc Gouanvic) 6. Balai Pustaka in the Dutch East Indies: Colonizing a Literature (Elizabeth B. Fitzpatrick) 7. The Third Space in Postcolonial Representation (Michaela Wolf) 8. Translations of Themselves: The Contours of Postcolonial Fiction (Maria Tymoczko) 9. A Gesture to Indicate a Presence: Translation, Dialect and Field Day Theatre Company’s Quest for an Irish Identity (Maria-Elena Doyle) 10. The Impact of Spanish-American Literature in Translation on U.S. Latino Literature (Juliana de Zavalia) 11. From Other Tongue to Mother Tongue in the Drama of Quebec and Canada (Louise Ladouceur) 12. The Changing Face of Translation of Indian Literature (Anita Mannur) 13. Gateway of India: Representing the Nation in English Translation (N. Kamala) 14. Translating (into) the Language of the Colonizer (Paul St-Pierre) 15. The Post-Missionary Condition: Toward Perceptual Reciprocity (Probal Dasgupta)
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dc.titleChanging the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era
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