Translating shared decision-making into health care clinical practices: Proof of concepts

dc.contributor.authorLégaré, France
dc.contributor.authorElwyn, Glen
dc.contributor.authorFishbein, Martin
dc.contributor.authorFrémont, Pierre
dc.contributor.authorFrosch, Dominick
dc.contributor.authorGagnon, Marie-Pierre
dc.contributor.authorKenny, David A.
dc.contributor.authorLabrecque, Michel
dc.contributor.authorStacey, Dawn
dc.contributor.authorSt-Jacques, Sylvie
dc.contributor.authorvan der Weijden, Trudy
dc.identifier.citationImplementation Science, 3, 2.
dc.description.abstractBackground - There is considerable interest today in shared decision-making (SDM), defined as a decision-making process jointly shared by patients and their health care provider. However, the data show that SDM has not been broadly adopted yet. Consequently, the main goal of this proposal is to bring together the resources and the expertise needed to develop an interdisciplinary and international research team on the implementation of SDM in clinical practice using a theory-based dyadic perspective. // Methods - Participants include researchers from Canada, US, UK, and Netherlands, representing medicine, nursing, psychology, community health and epidemiology. In order to develop a collaborative research network that takes advantage of the expertise of the team members, the following research activities are planned: 1) establish networking and on-going communication through internet-based forum, conference calls, and a bi-weekly e-bulletin; 2) hold a two-day workshop with two key experts (one in theoretical underpinnings of behavioral change, and a second in dyadic data analysis), and invite all investigators to present their views on the challenges related to the implementation of SDM in clinical practices; 3) conduct a secondary analyses of existing dyadic datasets to ensure that discussion among team members is grounded in empirical data; 4) build capacity with involvement of graduate students in the workshop and online forum; and 5) elaborate a position paper and an international multi-site study protocol. // Discussion - This study protocol aims to inform researchers, educators, and clinicians interested in improving their understanding of effective strategies to implement shared decision-making in clinical practice using a theory-based dyadic perspective.
dc.titleTranslating shared decision-making into health care clinical practices: Proof of concepts
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