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20125S rRNA Gene Arrangements in Protists: A Case of Nonadaptive EvolutionDrouin, Guy; Tsang, Corey
2010A general model of codon bias due to GC mutational biasXia, Xuhua; Perkins, Theodore J.; Palidwor, Gareth A.
2008Allocation plasticity and plant–metal partitioning: Meta-analytical perspectives in phytoremediationAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
24-Aug-2012Antagonistic interactions peak at intermediate genetic distance in clinical and laboratory strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosaSchoustra, Sijmen E; Dench, Jonathan; Dali, Rola; Aaron, Shawn D; Kassen, Rees
2012Characterizing the cytoprotective activity of Sarracenia purpurea L., a medicinal plant that inhibits glucotoxicity in PC12 cellsHarris, Cory S; Asim, Muhammad; Saleem, Ammar; Haddad, Pierre S; Arnason, John T; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
10-Aug-2012Coding conspecific identity and motion in the electric senseYu, Na; Hupé, Ginette; Garfinkle, Charles; Lewis, John E.; Longtin, André
27-Jan-2014Comparative dynamics and distribution of influenza drug resistance acquisition to protein M2 and neuraminidase inhibitorsGarcia, Vanessa; Aris-Brosou, Stephane
17-Oct-2011Conserved Meiotic Machinery in Glomus spp., a Putatively Ancient Asexual Fungal LineageHalary, Sébastien; Malik, Shehre-Banoo; Lildhar, Levannia; Slamovits, Claudio H.; Hijri, Mohamed; Corradi, Nicolas
2009Contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis to in vitro root metal uptake: from trace to toxic metal conditionsAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
5-Apr-2013DAMBE5: a comprehensive software package for data analysis in molecular biology and evolutionXia, Xuhua
26-Nov-2010Determining the Impact of the AM-Mycorrhizosphere on “Dwarf” Sunflower Zn Uptake and Soil-Zn BioavailabilityAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
2007Dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in heavy metal phytoremediation: Meta-analytical and conceptual perspectivesAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
2012Effect of nitrogen on cellular production and release of the neurotoxin anatoxin-a in a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteriumGagnon, Alexis; Pick, Frances R.
2006Effects of AM colonization on “wild tobacco” plants grown in zinc-contaminated soilAudet, Patrick; Charest, Christiane
27-Jun-2013Efficient induction of spawning of Northern leopard frogs (Lithobates pipiens) during and outside the natural breeding seasonTrudeau, Vance L; Schueler, Frederick W; Navarro-Martin, Laia; Hamilton, Christine K; Bulaeva, Elizabeth; Bennett, Amanda; Fletcher, William; Taylor, Lisa
2011Evolutionary Consequences of Altered Atmospheric Oxygen in Drosophila melanogasterCharette, Marc; Darveau, Charles-A.; Perry, Steve F.; Rundle, Howard D.
29-May-2013Expression of sall4 in Taste Buds of ZebrafishJackson, Robyn; Braubach, Oliver R.; Bilkey, Jessica; Zhang, Jing; Akimenko, Marie-Andree; Fine, Alan; Croll, Roger P.; Jonz, Michael G.
25-May-2011Expression Profiles of Reproduction- and Thyroid Hormone-Related Transcripts in the Brains of Chemically-Induced Intersex FrogsLanglois, Valérie S.; Duarte-Guterman, Paula; Trudeau, Vance L.
2011Factors Affecting Splicing Strength of Yeast GenesXia, Xuhua; Ma, Pinchao
9-Oct-2014Gene conversions are frequent but not under positive selection in the Siglec gene families of primatesZid, Mouldi; Drouin, Guy
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