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2018On the ecological significance of pollen color: a case study in American trout lily (Erythronium americanum)Austen, Emily J; Lin, Shang-Yao; Forrest, Jessica R K
2019Two-Year Bee, or Not Two-Year Bee? How Voltinism Is Affected by Temperature and Season Length in a High-Elevation Solitary BeeForrest, Jessica R K; Cross, Regan; CaraDonna, Paul J
2016Asteraceae Pollen Provisions Protect Osmia Mason Bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) from Brood ParasitismSpear, Dakota M; Silverman, Sarah; Forrest, Jessica R K
2017Direct benefits and indirect costs of warm temperatures for high‐elevation populations of a solitary beeForrest, Jessica R.K.; Chisholm, Sarah P.M.
2021Predicting mammalian species at risk of being infected by SARS-CoV-2 from an ACE2 perspectiveWei, Yulong; Aris, Parisa; Farookhi, Heba; Xia, Xuhua
2020Improving Phylogenetic Signals of Mitochondrial Genes Using a New Method of Codon DegenerationXia, Xuhua
2020Drug efficacy and toxicity prediction: an innovative application of transcriptomic dataXia, Xuhua
2020Coronavirus genomes carry the signatures of their habitatsWei, Yulong; Silke, Jordan R; Aris, Parisa; Xia, Xuhua
2020Beyond Trees: Regulons and Regulatory Motif CharacterizationXia, Xuhua
2021Domains and Functions of Spike Protein in Sars-Cov-2 in the Context of Vaccine DesignXia, Xuhua
2019Faster movement in nonhabitat matrix promotes range shifts in heterogeneous landscapesCrone, Elizabeth E.; Brown, Leone M.; Hodgson, Jenny A.; Lutscher, Frithjof; Schultz, Cheryl B.
2018DAMBE7: New and Improved Tools for Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and EvolutionXia, Xuhua
2018Imputing missing distances in molecular phylogeneticsXia, Xuhua
2018Starless bias and parameter-estimation bias in the likelihood-based phylogenetic methodXia, Xuhua
2019An improved estimation of tRNA expression to better elucidate the coevolution between tRNA abundance and codon usage in bacteriaWei, Yulong; Silke, Jordan R; Xia, Xuhua
2019Translation Control of HAC1 by Regulation of Splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeXia, Xuhua
2019Unique Shine-Dalgarno Sequences in Cyanobacteria and Chloroplasts Reveal Evolutionary Differences in Their Translation InitiationWei, Yulong; Xia, Xuhua
2020Major Revisions in Arthropod Phylogeny Through Improved Supermatrix, With Support for Two Possible Waves of Land Invasion by CheliceratesNoah, Katherine E; Hao, Jiasheng; Li, Luyan; Sun, Xiaoyan; Foley, Brian; Yang, Qun; Xia, Xuhua
2020Extreme genomic CpG deficiency in SARS-CoV-2 and evasion of host antiviral defenseXia, Xuhua
2018On the ecological significance of pollen color: a case study in American trout lily (Erythronium americanum). DATA ARCHIVEAusten, Emily; Lin, Shang-Yao; Forrest, Jessica