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2021Digital Transformation in the EUCotte, Pierre
2020Toward better understanding developmental reflection differences for use in management development research and practiceMaurer, Todd; Dimotakis, Nikolaos; Hardt, Greg; Corner, A.J.
2019Leadership and the Lens of a ProfessionMiles, Edward; Corner, A.J.; Schatten, Jeff
2020Rebuilding with Ethics: Engaging with Global Issues during the Covid-19 CrisisRiaz, Suhaib
2020Key competencies for big data analytics professions: a multimethod studyPersaud, Ajax
2019Dynamic multi-priority, multi-class patient scheduling with stochastic service timesSauré, Antoine; Begen, Mehmet A.; Patrick, Jonathan
2017Job Offer Negotiations: A Focused Research ApproachChapman, Elizabeth; Corner, A.J.; Miles, Edward
2017Big Data Analytics: Accelerating Innovation and Value CreationPersaud, Ajax; Schillo, Sandra
2018Current Weight Management Approaches Used by Primary Care Providers in Six Multidisciplinary Healthcare Settings in OntarioAboueid, Stephanie; Jasinska, Monika; Bourgeault, Ivy; Giroux, Isabelle
2015-11-12The Nexus of Transformational Leadership of Emergency Services Systems: Extending the Wu-Shi-Ren (WSR)-Li ParadigmsCaro, Denis H. J.
2015-08-29Medical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and CompetenciesCaro, Denis H. J.
2011-05-25Traumatic Brain Injury Care Systems: 2020 Transformational ChallengesCaro, Denis H. J.
2007Evolving e-health system symbiosis: Theoretical constructs in international realpolitik spaceCaro, Denis H. J.
2005The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020Caro, Denis H. J.
2008Marketing Your City’s Industries to the World: Building and Retaining Export Oriented Clusters through Strategic ICT InvestmentsEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009Effective Stakeholder Knowledge Sharing for Effective Organizational MemoryEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009How Much is Too Much? How Businesses can Avoid Violating Privacy Laws by Understanding Privacy PrinciplesEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2000Towards emergency intelligence support of regional emergency networks: the missing dimensionCaro, Denis H. J.
2001Cross-border acquisitions in response to bilateral/regional trade liberalizationEnsign, Prescott C.
2000R&D centres of excellence in CanadaEnsign, Prescott C.; Birkinshaw, Julian M.; Frost, Tony S.