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12-Nov-2015The Nexus of Transformational Leadership of Emergency Services Systems: Extending the Wu-Shi-Ren (WSR)-Li ParadigmsCaro, Denis H. J.
29-Aug-2015Medical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and CompetenciesCaro, Denis H. J.
25-May-2011Traumatic Brain Injury Care Systems: 2020 Transformational ChallengesCaro, Denis H. J.
2007Evolving e-health system symbiosis: Theoretical constructs in international realpolitik spaceCaro, Denis H. J.
2005The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020Caro, Denis H. J.
2008Marketing Your City’s Industries to the World: Building and Retaining Export Oriented Clusters through Strategic ICT InvestmentsEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009Effective Stakeholder Knowledge Sharing for Effective Organizational MemoryEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009How Much is Too Much? How Businesses can Avoid Violating Privacy Laws by Understanding Privacy PrinciplesEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2000Towards emergency intelligence support of regional emergency networks: the missing dimensionCaro, Denis H. J.
2001Cross-border acquisitions in response to bilateral/regional trade liberalizationEnsign, Prescott C.
2000R&D centres of excellence in CanadaEnsign, Prescott C.; Birkinshaw, Julian M.; Frost, Tony S.
2005An Examination Of Us FDI Into Mexico And Its Relation To Nafta: Understanding the Effects of Environmental Regulation and the Factor Endowments that Affect the Location DecisionCole, Elizabeth T.; Ensign, Prescott C.
1998Interrelationships and horizontal strategy to achieve synergy and competitive advantage in the diversified firmEnsign, Prescott C.
2008Small Business Considerations in Canada The Resurgence of RegionalismEnsign, Prescott C.
2000Innovation in the multinational firm with globally dispersed r&d: Technological knowledge utilization and accumulationEnsign, Prescott C.
2001Value Chain Analysis and Competitive AdvantageEnsign, Prescott C.
2003The Impact of North American Free Trade Agreement on Women in the United States, Canada, and MexicoEnsign, Prescott C.
2008After innovation: protecting intellectual property during production – Canica Design IncEnsign, Prescott C.; Lanney, Andrew
2009Competing explanations for knowledge exchange: Technology sharing within the globally dispersed R&D of the multinational enterpriseEnsign, Prescott C.; Hébert, Louis
2010Towards systemic sustainable performance of TBI care systems: emergency leadership frontiersCaro, Denis H. J.