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2023Manuel ADM1770 - Application des technologies de l’information en gestion (version 2)Mignerat, Muriel
2021Digital Transformation in the EUCotte, Pierre
2020Toward better understanding developmental reflection differences for use in management development research and practiceMaurer, Todd; Dimotakis, Nikolaos; Hardt, Greg; Corner, A.J.
2019Leadership and the Lens of a ProfessionMiles, Edward; Corner, A.J.; Schatten, Jeff
2020Rebuilding with Ethics: Engaging with Global Issues during the Covid-19 CrisisRiaz, Suhaib
2020Key competencies for big data analytics professions: a multimethod studyPersaud, Ajax
2019Dynamic multi-priority, multi-class patient scheduling with stochastic service timesSauré, Antoine; Begen, Mehmet A.; Patrick, Jonathan
2017Job Offer Negotiations: A Focused Research ApproachChapman, Elizabeth; Corner, A.J.; Miles, Edward
2017Big Data Analytics: Accelerating Innovation and Value CreationPersaud, Ajax; Schillo, Sandra
2018Current Weight Management Approaches Used by Primary Care Providers in Six Multidisciplinary Healthcare Settings in OntarioAboueid, Stephanie; Jasinska, Monika; Bourgeault, Ivy; Giroux, Isabelle
2015-11-12The Nexus of Transformational Leadership of Emergency Services Systems: Extending the Wu-Shi-Ren (WSR)-Li ParadigmsCaro, Denis H. J.
2015-08-29Medical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and CompetenciesCaro, Denis H. J.
2011-05-25Traumatic Brain Injury Care Systems: 2020 Transformational ChallengesCaro, Denis H. J.
2007Evolving e-health system symbiosis: Theoretical constructs in international realpolitik spaceCaro, Denis H. J.
2005The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020Caro, Denis H. J.
2008Marketing Your City’s Industries to the World: Building and Retaining Export Oriented Clusters through Strategic ICT InvestmentsEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009Effective Stakeholder Knowledge Sharing for Effective Organizational MemoryEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009How Much is Too Much? How Businesses can Avoid Violating Privacy Laws by Understanding Privacy PrinciplesEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2000Towards emergency intelligence support of regional emergency networks: the missing dimensionCaro, Denis H. J.
2001Cross-border acquisitions in response to bilateral/regional trade liberalizationEnsign, Prescott C.